Review | Sir Lovelot

Review | Sir Lovelot

It’s an excellent day for platformer fans! The people over at got us covered with their classic mix of Romeo and Julia. But it is set in a Pixel environment that happens to be one of the more entertaining platformers I have tried lately. It’s called Sir Lovelot, and let’s dive into why this lovely Indie game might be able to steal your heart and purchase away!

We played Sir Lovelot for 5 hours on PC.

What we liked!

  • The idea and execution: I must say, Sir Lovelot is based on this fantastic idea. You have a princess in a castle, and you have to collect a flower to win over that princess. It’s an elegant concept that’s executed to perfection. If you add in the excellent but straightforward graphics, it made for a convincing story behind it (that is, if you know the story of Romeo and Julia).
  • Simplicity: As briefly mentioned above, the game is simple when it comes down to graphics, but that is what it is intended to be! You get a pixel art prince that tries to save his princess. Paired with a sort of arcade/platformer vibe. It all just flows together in a great game.
  • Level growth: Sir Lovelot is really designed in such a way to get you in the mood for more levels. It has a significant progression in difficulty, even though it isn’t always straightforward. Levels get complex and more challenging the further you go. And it was delightful and got me hooked nearly instantly. 
  • Keyboard layout: This is something I was not expecting! Sir Lovelot has an adaptive keyboard layout system. You can use AZERTY, arrow keys, … you name it! It can be any layout you want, and it will be magically remapped without you having to alter the configuration! I don’t get why not more games do this since it makes such a difference. You get to play the game in the way that the developer wants you to play it and that without feeling left out.

Somewhere between

  • Points system: While Sir Lovelot comes with a way to measure your performance, I find it quite unclear. Sometimes I found myself scoring way more than other runs. And it turns out that this has to do with the time in which I complete my run. But still, it should have some indication as to why it gives me only 5k points. Also, I feel like there should be a more encouraging indicator (for example score letters, or stars) to entice you to replay levels, besides just a score. Since a lot of people, they want to 3 stars every level.

What we disliked

  • Aspect ratio: It’s just such a shame that Sir Lovelot is hardcoded to a 16:9 aspect ratio. It would have looked so great if larger levels were shown on my 21:9 screen. But it can not be done. Unless the developer changes the way the game manages respawn points. Since it makes a checkpoint every time, a new part of the map is being loaded in. It’s just a big pity and nothing too significant, but it still bummed me out.



To summerise this lovely game: Sir Lovelot is a great platformer that will get you hooked and test your ability to play the game. It brought us enough joy to justify buying, and it will certainly not be a disappointment for you. No matter if you are a veteran player or just a beginning platform enthusiast, Sir Lovelot will find a way to bring joy to you! is the largest Belgian Xbox centered website, your reading time is greatly appreciated! Please consider sharing this review with your friends on social media, that means a lot for us! If you are Dutch speaking also consider joining our Dutch exclusive Facebook group Xbox Gamers Belgium. Feel free to use quotes for PR purposes.