REVIEW | Please Touch The Artwork 2

REVIEW | Please Touch The Artwork 2

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Please Touch The Artwork 2 | 92%
Publisher: Thomas Waterzooi
Thomas Waterzooi

James Ensor was a Belgian painter whose works left a mark on the surrealist and expressionist style of the 19th century. As a modernist, he might not readily be as well known as the likes of René Magritte or Paul Delvaux, but I’ve yet to enjoy their works as up close as I did with Please Touch The Artwork 2. Developed and published by Thomas Waterzooi, this six-month project did an astounding job by letting you experience Ensor’s works in a manner more involved than shuffling past them in a museum gallery.

You play a skeleton painter finding his way home through James’ works, solving hidden object puzzles that tend to span several paintings. When your path is blocked, the inhabitants of the paintings are the key to going forward. They often wish for some specific item that’s hidden throughout the paintings available to you. From planks to cats, moustaches, crosses, paintbrushes, shells or cigarettes, you’ll be pouring over every detail a couple of times to find them all. But say you can’t find that last glass of whiskey you’re looking for, what then? Well, next to the counter there’s a lightbulb you can click that will be lit if there’s still an item you’re missing in the painting. If the bulb goes dark that means you’re done there, if not you can click it to highlight what you’re looking for.

And while not a word is spoken, Please Touch The Artwork 2 also tells a story. As you progress through the paintings, pieces of it will be torn out by a masked figure, requiring repairs to proceed. This is done via a minigame where you must trace the lines, but aren’t allowed to patch over the same path twice. I found this to offer a refreshing bit of thinking and change of pace. And it’s not even the only minigame you’ll be treated to in the 90 minutes worth of game you can enjoy for absolutely free!

Please Touch The Artwork 2 is a fun and brief indie that virtually anyone can enjoy, and I can not recommend enough that you give it a go!