Eyes on the Week (24th-28th June)

Eyes on the Week (24th-28th June)

It’s time to look back on the week we’ve just had! What did the weekdays look like for our writers? What was the biggest news from the week? and what are we looking forward to playing during the upcoming weekend? Our Eyes on the Week article will answer all three of these questions!

We’re curious about your opinion and played games, so be sure to share your stuff on our social media channels!


I’ve finally completed my first playthrough of DE-EXIT – Eternal Matters and my review is now available for everyone to read [HERE]. It’s a charming little game made by a group of six people which deserves recognition. I’d appreciate it if you could take some time to read my review.

As for smaller games, I did the title update for Squad Killer and Ballotron Oceans, while playing a few levels of Hidden Shapes: Cat Realm + Trick or Cats. These were all played to earn my TrueAchievement medals for the month. Now I have to wait until July for the next batch.

For nostalgia purposes, I bought Digimon Survive in a sale not too long ago and decided to start my first playthrough. So far, it’s a visual novel combined with interesting turn-based combat. After completing the prologue, I’m currently in the middle of the first chapter and aim to play this for a few hours each day for the foreseeable.

Last but not least, I restarted Wildmender with Lewis. We are slowly getting the hang of things and are more confident in our ability to leave our camp and explore. This will be getting a written review but as I feel we’ve only just scratched the surface, I will be putting a fair amount of playtime in before writing this one.

Most interesting news of this week: Lara Croft is being added as a new survivor to Dead by Daylight which is insane! Also, Dead Rising is getting a sparkly new remaster.

Looking forward to playing: Dead by Daylight and Wildmender are my priorities but I’m sure I’ll jump on something else too.


Busy days at work so didn’t get much playtime in. Luckily part of my day job was testing SCHiM before sending out codes to press & creators and getting those sweeeeet 0.00% achievements as the first person in the world. The game is a lot of fun too, hopping from shadow to shadow and trying to navigate the world as you look for optional collectable items. Loved the sound design too! Can’t wait to hear everyone else’s impressions.

I also installed Elden Ring again to tackle the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC, only to promptly die in the main content of the world and realising I forgot how to play this game in the past two years. I’ll need to relearn the controls and find out how my build works, all from scratch. I’m also “only” level 128, which seems to be under-levelled for the DLC.  Can’t wait to face those bosses though, they looked awesome!

Most interesting news of this week: Totally not a fan of DrDisrepect, and never have been. Being mean as a persona just rubs me the wrong way. Now he’s come clean about texting a minor a few years back and facing the internet’s outrage. It’s pretty much all I see on Twitter these days.

Looking forward to playing: Elden Ring and Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD!


I’ve managed to free some space on my Xbox, so I’ve installed and am playing through Still Wakes the Deep. It took me about nine hours to finish playing and it was a pretty good horror game, with good voice acting, graphics and story. I’ve also played a bit more of Overwatch 2Dead by Daylight and Isonzo.

Most interesting news of this week: Steamworld Dig and Steamworld Dig 2 have been added to Xbox Game Pass. Also, I’ll be attending Gamescom LATAM this Saturday.

Looking forward to playing: More Overwatch 2, Isonzo, Dead by Daylight and maybe go back to playing Kirby and the Forgotten Land.


I finished the story of #BLUD this week and I enjoyed the game a lot. However, the achievements are a nightmare and I don’t recommend anybody to go for them all as it will just ruin an otherwise awesome game. The combat took some time to get used to as it doesn’t give the invisibility frames the games those days give you when you roll away or use a finisher.

I also played a bit of Into the Emberland, and liked what I saw a lot but I’m hoping for a few more permanent progression things so it feels more rewarding to have finished all the quests of a chapter and moving on. It is an interesting game and I’m looking forward to coming back to it in a while.

And last but not least, I played Star Stuff, a cool programming puzzle game. I’m not sure I’ll be smart enough to finish it, but what a cute game!

Most interesting news of this week: Looking back at this week makes me feel like I lived under a stone. Haven’t seen much game news this week, but the Steam summer sale just started!

Looking forward to playing: Horticular & Schim are on my shortlist. They both look so cool!


This week I finished Still Wakes the Deep and started my second playthrough – I was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed this game. It’s available on Xbox Game Pass so if you enjoy survival horror, I’d recommend giving this a go.

I’ve also had a few rounds on Battlefield 4, which holds up well considering its age and I had no issues finding a game. Still my favourite Battlefield game.

I’ve also been playing some Resident Evil 4, I’ve just completed the part in the lake and killed the lake monster.

Another game I’ve been playing is Hidden Cats in New York, with just a few hidden cats on Advanced mode to find and one of the bonus levels to finish.

Most interesting news of this week: Xbox partnering with Amazon to deliver Xbox Cloud Gaming via Fire TV devices. As of next month, the Xbox app will be available on the Fire TV Stick 4K Max and Fire TV Stick 4K.

Looking forward to playing: More Resident Evil 4 and giving Robin Hood – Sherwood Builders a go which had just landed on Xbox Gamepass Ultimate.