I (Dae Jim) wrote about Xbox on other websites but never felt at home. Bullying is a big word, but that’s how it came down to how other writers sometimes behaved toward me. I thought this is something I can do better. A website about Xbox with reliable reviews, still keeping the love of gaming in mind. A place where other writers feel at home, and with them as a priority. It is important to me that writers enjoy doing their work for LifeisXbox. We try to cover everything that comes on Xbox, later the PC platform and sometimes Nintendo reviews were added.

LifeisXbox has now become a resource for Xbox enthusiasts, we have many returning readers with a strong community in Flanders with XGB (Xbox Gamers Belgium) and because we acquired XET, a Belgian Xbox community website created by Microsoft.

Of course, I don’t do all that alone and have a pleasant team that provides LifeisXbox with review content on a daily basis. A position I strongly support. You will not find any news on our site, only reliable and clear reviews about games. Our reviews are read much more than our competition partly because of this, every review gets a full chance on our front page to get the attention it deserves. From Belgian indie games to giant titles.