Eyes on the Week (17th-21st June)

Eyes on the Week (17th-21st June)

It’s time to look back on the week we’ve just had! What did the weekdays look like for our writers? What was the biggest news from the week? and what are we looking forward to playing during the upcoming weekend? Our Eyes on the Week article will answer all three of these questions!

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I started my week by finishing Truck Driver: The American Dream and getting my review online. I must admit that although the game itself wasn’t exactly riveting, it made me see lorry drivers differently and made me realise just how challenging driving can be and how lonely it can feel, spending so much time on the road away from friends and family. You can read my review [HERE].

I then moved on to Car Detailing Simulator. I was excited to play but as I can’t get past the first job, I’ve had to leave this on the sidelines, for the time being. I’ll return once there is an update and the issues have been fixed.

As I couldn’t play the previous game mentioned, I jumped on DE-EXIT – Eternal Matters and started a fresh playthrough as I had forgotten the story and controls. I aim to complete this over the weekend and get my review done next week. First impressions were positive so keep an eye out for this one!

Finally, I wanted something chill to play so I started Hidden Cats in Paris. I have completed the normal and advanced modes but still have a couple of hidden kitten levels left to do until it’s complete.

Most interesting news of this week: For most this would be the release of the new Elden Ring DLC. For me, it’s the new season of Overwatch 2 which has begun. Plus, the developers behind Phasmophobia are hoping to share more news on their console release in the next few weeks. I must also remember to get on my Xbox 360 to grab any discounts before the store closes in July.

Looking forward to playing: DE-EXIT – Eternal Matters and Dead by Daylight as I haven’t participated in the event at all yet.


I’ve een playing more Steam Next Fest Demos like Blue PrinceDungeon Crawler and many more.

I’ve also playtested KAKU: Ancient Seal, which was a lot of fun but needs some more localisation love before its full-release version. I’m excited for the Xbox version as the Achievements seemed to pop up quite regularly.

On Switch, I kept playing Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. It’s soooo pretty, funny and just amazingly good. But I always play it right before bedtime when I’m almost falling asleep 😅

Most interesting news of this week: Our Pirate PR tweets about too-expensive creators and Steam Next Fest results got shared in some of the industry’s most-read newsletters.

Looking forward to playing: I may have my hands on a test version of Aaero2 that I won’t share anything else about 🤐


This week I’ve managed to play a few games and one of which I completed twice, based on just how great I found it. The Still Wakes the Deep was released on Xbox Games Pass & I sat through it in an entire day. It’s a very linear, story-driven experience, but I’m a huge fan of body horror and one of my favourite films is The Thing. So it only seemed fitting that this would be right up my alley.

Clocking in around 6 hours, it offers a fair few frights and disgusting body disfigurement moments that really embraces its source material. Set on an oil rig off of the coast of Scotland, you accidentally drill into something resting at the bottom of the sea, which unfortunately pisses it off & brings it up to the surface.

Finally, I spent the rest of my week playing through a highly modded Stalker Gamma. Essentially three stalker games in one, which I’m currently running with 483 mods, including reshade. It adds a lot of quality-of-life updates to it and has a solid community, and it’s got me super excited for the Stalker 2 release that’s coming soon.

Most interesting news of this week: Elden Ring DLC launched!

Looking forward to playing: Elden Ring DLC.


This week I’ve thankfully levelled up to level 26, but other than that I did play some games as well. Overwatch 2 is still in my rotation, but I’m noticeably starting to get more frustrated by playing it so much, at least I believe that’s one of the reasons for it.

I’ve played a couple of matches of Dead by Daylight again, trying the new time-limited game mode and enjoyed it as much as the regular game. Isonzo has been pretty fun and interesting as well, although it is difficult to see enemies from far away.

I’ve also started playing Return to Grace, which has been interesting so far. And finally, continued playing Kirby and the Forgotten Land, it’s been really good, as my first Kirby game and I’m not disappointed at all.

Most interesting news of this week: A new season has started in Overwatch 2.

Looking forward to playing: More Kirby and the Forgotten Land, Overwatch 2, Return to Grace and possibly Dead by Daylight.


This week I’ve only played a tiny bit of Grindstone as, while I thought I would play more. It was just a crazy and busy week with work and other games.

This week began with Go-Go Town, one of my most anticipated games and I just loved it! Building your own city while also earning enough points and money to build more, while it looks so cute and has so many small details. I can’t wait to see what this game will involve into while it is in Early Access.

I also played Crab God which is so much fun! It reminds me a lot of the Kingdom series, but with cute crabs and easier mechanics, while on the other hand not easy when you play on medium or hard. Gladly it had a cozy mode which was more my playstyle.

And last but surely not least, I have played a bit of #BLUD, where you play this girl who will hunt down Vampires. The achievements seem to be challenging, as I expect that some of them are missable but the game itself is so much fun!

Most interesting news of this week: I am glad to see how much love all the demos during Steam Fest were. It is nice to see, that while the gaming space overall is on fire, there still is so much love out there for indie games.

Looking forward to playing: More #BLUD!


This week I’ve been playing Still Wakes the Deep, a new survival horror game which came out earlier this week. It’s set on an oil rig with lots of interesting characters, including some very funny Scottish banter. Although quite linear, this works well with how the story is structured, especially when you have things chasing you!

I’ve also been playing Resident Evil 4 and have made really good progress this week after being stuck on one of the many puzzles.

Another game I have been enjoying this week is Rolling Hills: Make Sushi Make Friends, which is available on Xbox Game Pass.

Most interesting news of this week: Ubisoft have announced that the Beyond Good and Evil 20th Anniversary Edition remaster is coming to Xbox and other platforms on June 25th digital with a physical version coming later.

Looking forward to playing: More Still Wakes the Deep, Resident Evil 4 and Oceanhorn 2: Knights of The Lost Realm which I just picked up.


Wisdom Teeth, most people have 4, I was cursed with 9… anyway long story short they are being a pain in my mouth so this week I have been holed up playing games that don’t take too much concentration. I heard that football is happening, but I’m really not a sporty person so don’t ask me what’s happening or who is playing. Oooh in other news The Movie Rite Here, Rite Now by the band Ghost hits cinemas this weekend only and I hope our local cinema is going to be showing it. Any other fans of Ghost out there please no spoilers!!!

There are so many awesome-looking games coming out for the Xbox over the coming months, I honestly have no idea what I’m looking forward to the most, although I am a little disappointed that Silent Hill 2 Remake won’t be coming out for the Xbox at all. I hope that the Indiana Jones game will be as awesome as it looks so far in the trailers too.

I’ve been rediscovering the joys of point-and-click style adventure games and have found myself longing for a return to these narrative-driven lateral thinking puzzle games. I’m currently playing Encodya, Return to Monkey Island and Broken Sword 5.

Most interesting news of this week: Xbox Games Pass subscriptions are going up in price, hopefully, that means an increase in the quality of their cloud-based services too.

Looking forward to playing: Still Wakes the Deep and System Shock Remake.