Review | Glitchangels

Review | Glitchangels

Our review for Glitchangels | Sometimes you cook something that just doesn’t look tasty, vol-au-vent for example. You have the same thing with games, that typical first impression of something when looking at screenshots. Well, those screenies don’t do Glitchangels justice as it is the videogame equation of vol-au-vent. At first glance it looks like a game not worth playing but once you start it is impossible to lay it down. The high-risk shoot’em up from Pumpkin Games brings back that old-school shooting gameplay with enough modern touches to make it attractive to all ages.

We played Glitchangels for six hours on Xbox Series X, travelling a lifetime back in time.

What we liked!

  • Glitchangels | Fast-paced and risky gameplay concept | The frantic gameplay design from Glitchangels is the obvious reason why it is so much fun. As the game rewards you more money for up and close kills it is about finding the right balance between being reckless and careful. The game has two mechanics in place to reward the player for risky behaviour, or in other words killing enemies as fast as possible. The first one is a visible aura around the playable angelic character, kill enemies in this circle and you get bonus money. the second one is collecting skulls from defeated enemies that quickly disappear. It is such an easy mechanic but it warrants addictive and rewarding gameplay. Another reason why it remains addictive is the quick selection of playable angels, switching back and forth between a shotgun-wielding angel or one with a long-ranged rifle. This happens on the fly and each angel has a specific special ability that will make your life a bit easier.
  • Glitchangels | Unique rewinding time feature | Getting hit doesn’t mean an instant game over, just like most racing games nowadays you can rewind time a little bit and have a different kind of outcome. You won’t be able to do this constantly though, as this rewinding time feature has a meter that drains the more you use it. I found the balance here absolutely perfect, you still curse when you die as having a lower meter made me a bit more insecure about my high-risk playing style. These situations caused me to change my tactic a bit when I was low on juice, so throughout the game you’ll be constantly adapting depending on how many risks you can take.
  • Glitchangels | Screenshots don’t manage to show how visually neat Glitchangels is | Let me be the first to say that if you look at the game page from Glitchangels you won’t immediately think this looks good. Think again though as the game uses some nice visuals effects to make the game special. What I really liked was how the levels became visible depending on the angel’s sightline. The play with light and shadows is extremely well done.
  • Glitchangels | Yes! Leaderboard how they should be! | We have so many examples on the Xbox Store from games that could totally use a leaderboard but fail to include them. With Glitchangels rewarding high-risk gameplay, I was over the moon happy with the leaderboards that will allow for some friendly competition between Xbox friends. So reader, can you beat my high score?!

Somewhere between

  • Glitchangels | Upgrading system | Perks of playing the game as intended is more money and with that money, you’ll be able to invest in upgrades that make the game more chaotic. You have the typical upgrades to improve bullet damage or fire rate and much more. Another option is to buy AI guys that help with defeating the horde of enemies. These green colored guys are a welcome help but I wish it was a bit more clear that it wasn’t an enemy. They exclusively use the green color for collectable skulls and the computer controlled sidekicks but it was still a bit unclear sometimes in the total choas that glitchangels can be.

What we disliked

  • Glitchangels | Unfortunate side-effect with the extremely flashy visuals | This rarely happens to me with other games but playing Glitchangels for a long time causes the arrival of a headache. I think it is the combination of the flashy screens and bright color use with the retro-filter and the overall small enemies. I still adore Glitchangels though and I’m not sure how this will effect other players. But if you are sensitive about that stuff you might want to consider only playing this in short play sessions!



I wasn’t expecting to be so hooked on Glitchangels, it has so much depth in its simplistic gameplay. Making it a very unique and addictive experience. I highly recommend buying this! is the largest Belgian Xbox centered website, your reading time is greatly appreciated! Please consider sharing this review with your friends on social media, that means a lot for us! If you are Dutch speaking also consider joining our Dutch exclusive Facebook group Xbox Gamers Belgium. Feel free to use quotes for PR purposes.