Favorites Wednesday | Videogame Pets

Favorites Wednesday | Videogame Pets

Share your own favorites with #FavoritesWednesday and tag Lifeisxbox, we’re curious about your picks! On Twitter, on Facebook, and on Instagram. every Wednesday we have three new favorites from our LifeisXbox team! This week our favorite game snacks!

Dae Jim:
Jack the Robot (Gears) | Who said that videogame pets should be alive, right? Jack is an excellent companion and friend in Gears 5 and Gears Tactics. Having this invisible buddy with you to heal and defend in case danger is perfect. He looks really shiny too and he doesn’t poop or make any mess!
Dogmeat (Fallout) | Dogmeat can be found in almost every Fallout game as a possible canine companion. This trusty friend makes for some cute moments in the franchise, really loved him in Fallout 4!
Lamarr the Head Crab (Half-Life) |
She has her teeth removed for safety so cute little Lamarr can be petting without the risk of her attacking you. Or actually hosting you.. would be one hell of a funny thing if pets could just leash onto you and take over control. But alas, that’s not the case.

Your Dog in Torchlight | I’ve never seen a pet be this useful in a game before. I hate being over-encumbered in games and I really dislike inventory management. Instead of having to compare gear and dropping the bad ones on the floor, you can send your pet dog or cat to town to go and sell them for you while you stay in the dungeon. SUPER USEFUL!
Ikaros | Your eagle in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is super useful. He’s the one that makes it possible to spot and mark enemies from afar, find important story clues and NPCs to interact with and you can even use him to distract enemies. Kassandra is known as “the eagle-bearer” for good reason, malakas!
Blanca | It’s hard to call the white wolf of Shadow Hearts a pet, as she’s more like a full-fledged party member, she even talks! I could have also gone for RedXIII or Nanaki here, but I went with the lesser-known JRPG 

Murky | Even though you can only get him as a battle pet in WoW he is still my favourite with his little dance and cute sounds.MGRLLRLLL!
All hunter pets | No matter if it’s WoW or Gw2 or what ever game I play, The hunter pets are my babys. I love them, I cherish them. We even battle together. But if they die… INSTA REVIVE. Doesn’t matter if I’m in combat! haha. Ok ok, I might kill the monsters first. But after that it has prio!
My Tamagotchi | Sounds weird maybe but Tamagotchi was my first pet, I cared  for that little one for a long time. She was my little pet and I cried when she died, haha. I was quite young but I remember it ment a lot to me. After that I got a hamster 😀

Cory: Remember Nintendogs? I’m sure most of you spent countless hours cuddling and training your pets. I know I did. The one I remember most profoundly is Cory, a German Shepherd. He will always be my absolute favorite pet in the gaming world!
Squirtle: Does he count as a pet? He felt more like a companion, but my Squirtle still deserves a mention! In real life, I feel a certain connection to water, so Squirtle is definitely my favorite Gen 1 starter and just one of my overall favorite starters.
Pet 3: I honestly can’t think of games I played that had pets that I really loved or anything? I mean, I’m a huge pet and animal lover, so if anyone has any suggestions for games with cool pets, tell me!

Black And White Lion | You can say what you want, but that Lion sure knows how to battle! Yeah sure sure its a god, but to you its a pet that has its own pets! Who didn’t love grooming those furry floofs when he did good or protected your village! I know I cried when I was younger after I saw him bruised and battered after that stupid monkey came to attack me! But we got ‘m back!
Viva Piñata | While, again, technically not pets again, these animals were yours to raise, multiply and take care of as a good caretaker! Also, the show was amazing! I wonder why they stopped airing them…
Eagle in Assassins Creed |God I love how those birds work… send out to scout, use them to scare or attack or even cause a distraction… now THAT is a polly who deserves a cracker!

Every animal in Planet Zoo | Maybe doesn’t really count as a pet but I just love animals and Planet Zoo has a lot of them.  So I think Planet Zoo and me are a match made in heaven.
Pokémon |  Another big catogory but I just love them and especially in the newer games where you can have them walking beside you. My favorite to have beside me, if I have to choose, will be Absol.
Nintendogs | When I was little and didn’t have a dog of my own I always took perfect care of my little furry friends in Nintendogs. I didn’t have a favorite breed back then, I just loved every single one of them.