WRC5 review


For the first time French developer Kyloyonn is behind the wheels for the WRC videogame and they make a disappointing debut. Racing behind previous WRC videogame developers Milestone and Evolution. Why? Find out in this WRC5 review.

Point A-to-point B rally has always been my favorite kind of racing, trying to understand the yelling from your Copilot and turning around those dangerous and hard U-turns gives an awesome feeling. That typical adrenalin feeling that I got from previous rally games is sadly missing while playing WRC5, you don’t really have a speed feeling and the performance makes you a little frustrated. Graphically the game doesn’t stand out what makes it even more surprising that the game suffers from frame rate issues and serious pop up. It’s pretty obvious that the game was mostly aimed for the last gen consoles. Not everything is bad about the game though, the weather effect are pretty nice, the career mode and training stages are fun and for the first time ever a videogame from WRC will have a eSport direction. Overall, I can recommend the game for rally-fanatics but racing game lovers can look elsewhere.


  • Training stages are fun to play and can be skipped if you want
  • Weather effect are well done
  • Lots of locations and stages giving you enough content to play the game for hours & hours


  • The first Career cars feel a little stiff, the high performance cars feel like they should
  • Your car can become damaged but it isn’t really realistic


  • Serious issues with pop up, can distract you so you make errors
  • Compared with other racing games or even general Xbox One games the graphics are really disappointing.
  • No speed feeling while driving hard
Score: 65%