Hands on: Rise of the Tomb Raider

At Gameforce in Belgium I had the chance for playing Rise of the Tomb Raider. Here is a short what I liked and disliked about the game.


  • The game is very impressive, beatiful bigĀ surroundings and the levels are full with small details that bring the world alive.
  • Very smooth animations and no frame drops
  • Easy controls so everyone can play the game
  • Tombs are back and have a big focus in the game, the puzzles are a little bit harder than the previous Tomb Raider on Xbox One


  • The tips and hints view make the game a little too easy, I understand that gamers don’t like to be stuck but this sytem makes it way too easy.

Overall very impressed with this game, it’s only a few more weeks before the game is out and I’m sure the reviews will be great.Ā