Worst reviewed games of 2018 on LifeisXbox

Worst reviewed games of 2018 on LifeisXbox

I’m fairly sure that nobody wants to be on this list, some games are so terrible that reviewing them is a chore. At LifeisXbox writers have to finish the game before they can publish a review so you can imagine that writing about games isn’t always a fun thing. The following eight games on this list are our worst games of 2018.

8) Shaq Fu: Legend Reborn |Scoring 45/100 | Review Link
The presence from O’Neil doesn’t safe this game from the depth of repetitive gameplay. In this game you’ll fight lots of demons in all sizes but the main one, boring and repetitive gameplay is never really defeated. 

7) InkSplosion | Scoring 45/100 | Review Link
A game with addicting gameplay and a lot of potential. But, after a few minutes with it, you see how little content it has to offer. Although it has a fun gameplay, it’s not enough to keep you engaged with it for more than a couple of hours… specially after you unlock all the achievements, the main reason most of the players will end up buying it. But if you’re not into the achievement wagon, it’s hard to recommend it for you.

6) Past Cure | Scoring 35/100 | Review Link
I was really looking forward to play Past Cure but it has been one big disappointing failure right after the promising start. Gameplay can become “wave after wave” boring and nothing reaches an acceptable quality. Well, besides the visuals.. but that’s not why we play games right? Phantom 8 is definitely a developer with potential but they failed to really show it with Past Cure. 

5) Tennis World Tour |Scoring 29/100 | Review link
As I said in the intro Bouchard can be more proud about her 2018 year than developer Breakpoint can be for releasing this unfinished tennis game. What a gigantic disappointment, they promise to deliver more content and improve the game but that is no excuse to release this for full price. Avoid it, even if you crave for a tennis game on Xbox.

4) Hello Neightbour | Scoring 25/100 | Review link
Hello Neighbor is marketed as a stealth horror game but really fails to live up to either label. The overly mentioned procedural AI mostly disappoints and often breaks immersion a lot more than it adds to it. As much as I looked forward to this title, I haven’t been this disappointed with a game in a very long time. The only mileage I see people getting out of this is played for an audience. Other than that, it just lacks enjoyment to such an extent that I almost have trouble calling it a game.

3) Shoppe Keep | Scoring 23/100 | Review Link
I totally get why the game is pretty well received on PC but this Xbox One port is simply terrible. Learning the game is hard because reading the text is near impossible, controls are confusing and it doesn’t really look exciting either. Not to mention that I simply couldn’t play the game properly because it didn’t fit my TV screen. It has a long list of bugs too, from freezes or button inputs that doesn’t work. Very disappointing, the game has promise but too much is broken. This should have been released as an Xbox Preview Game. 

2) Extinction | Scoring 20/100 | Review Link
Extinction is without a doubt the most disappointing game from 2018, I simply can’t manage to understand how a studio like Iron Galaxy with a CEO like Adam Boyes released this kind of significant bad experience. Extinction is a massive failure and an even bigger waste of time.

  1. 8 to Glory | Scoring 12/100 | Review link
    I honestly don’t understand that a developer or publisher releases something like this. Even for Professional Bull Riders Sports fans this is one of the worst games that you can buy on Xbox One.