The Turing Test review

Review The Turing Test | It was only recently that I found out about Bulkhead Interactive’s The Turing Test, most gamers will know this studio for their upcoming game Battalion 1944 or November’s 2015 Games With Gold game Pneuma. You can compare The Turing Test with the latter but it improved every single aspect. Find out in this review if it’s worth getting.

The Turing Test will be on “best graphics” lists


  • What a great performance from the voice actors, the artificial intelligence TOM has to be one of the greatest vocal performances in a game. Truly exceptional! Thumbs up for the female voice too, but TOM steals the show.
  • Originality and challenging puzzles are very important in this genre and The Turing Test nails it in every way. Thinking outside the box and learning gameplay mechanics is very important, new ways of solving puzzles are added frequently so you’ll never get bored with it.
  • The story about what happened with the ground crew, the character development and the story between AVA and TOM are so mysterious and well-written. Bulkhead Interactive learned from Pneuma and delivered a top notch storytelling game. You continue playing the game to find out what will happen, and you will question yourself. That’s something that rarely happens with games.
  • Bulkhead can give the sound guys a raise, you already read that the voice actors are great but the same can be said about the ambience sound and music. It really adds to the overall experience.
TOM has one of the best vocal performances that I experienced in games.

Mixed Feelings

  • Bulkhead Interactive showed with Pneuma that they could get some very pretty graphics on the console, The Turing Test isn’t different, you could say that they even improved it. That’s why I’m a little disappointed that some objects are very blurry when you pick them up. Weird to see, considering the amount of polish that Bulkhead did, didn’t they think that gamers would notice? Even though this bullet is under Mixed Feelings, The Turing Test is one of the prettiest games on Xbox One.
This gun will be your solution for many puzzles.


  • I have to be honest and say that I don’t know how NASA trains astronauts, but I’m fairly sure that they are capable of climbing throught open windows. That said, the immersion from The Turing Test breaks when you come across puzzles that could be simply solved by climbing through a waist-high window. You are forced to run around and find a “logical” answer to open doors, newsflash: the most logical answer is going through that window! Stupid and weird design flaws.
  • It doesn’t happen a lot but the frame rate has some issues with some chapters. Pretty weird since most other chapters have a flawless performance.

Score: 90% | Special credits for the sound dev’s and the voice actors, they turn The Turing Test into something better than good.  They really learned from the feedback from Pneuma and delivered something really outstanding.