Hue Review

Review Hue | Developer Fiddlestick tries to bring something unique with Hue, making players switch colors to pass puzzles and platforming action. The platformer genre is quite popular already on Xbox One, but Hue manages to stand out, find out why in this review!

A relaxing boat trip


  • Colorblind gamers have no need to worry, Hue has a colorblind mode so you can play perfectly. To be honest, I turned on this mode because I prefered it anyway. Roughly 8 % is colorblind so thumbs up for the extra effort that the developer did.
  • The graphical art style is a little similar with Limbo, comparing every black and white game with Limbo is a little unfair but the character design too, reminded me about Nameless Boy from Limbo. And that’s a good thing! It does get a little repetitive after a while but the color changing magic continues to make it feel fresh.
  • The engaging narrative between Hue and other characters is very well done, with good voice acting and interesting dialogue.  It doesn’t happen a lot that a game like Hue has voice acting, one thing is for sure, it was a great investment.
  • Platforming paths are blocked with specific color objects, changing the color is the solution but that’s easier said than done. This color changing gameplay brings some mind cracking difficult puzzles but it remains fun. While changing the color a trillion times you need to jump and drag boxes. Your typical platforming stuff but with a twist.
  • While switching colors time doesn’t freeze, it just slows down. A great design choice for making the game a little bit more difficult. And this is something I really liked about Hue, always staying on the edge and barely having enough time to switch to the correct color brings a lot of excitement and … deaths.
Beautiful color palette

Mixed Feelings

  • Besides collecting every secret Hue doesn’t have any replay value, it doesn’t really last that long too. It’s not short enough to be at “The Bad” section though. I wish it lasting a little longer though, maybe I was having too much fun?


  • I searched but couldn’t find anything bad to say. Hurray!

Score: 91% | It doesn’t happen a lot that a game doesn’t have a single bad thing, Hue is far from perfect but the studio did an excellent job, and by doing that they made a game I can highly recommend.