140 review

Review 140 | We already had Beatbuddy, today we have a second musical platforming game on Xbox One, 140. Read in this review if it will move your feet to the beat.


  • Weird Abstract and colorful graphics. It looks rather dull on screenshots but while actually playing the game and experiencing all the dancing blocks to the rhythm of the beat, is a one of a kind experience.
  • That rhythm comes from a more than satisfying soundtrack. You know that feeling when you feel the bass at a rock concert? With 140 you don’t only feel the music but you become the music.
  • Becoming one with the music is very important for the platforming parts, danger comes and disappears with the beat. You’ll need to time your jumps on the music, concentration is the key to success.
  • The character you control doesn’t have a background story or any personality but still you really love the way it’s designed. The playable character is a morphing platforming athlete in the shape of a circle when it’s moving, a triangle when it’s jumping and while standing still a square. A simple, yet loveable character.

Mixed Feelings

  • Game’s length is pretty short, it takes around an hour, two hours for people who struggle with platforming but it’s only €8. After you finish the game you unlock a new mode called mirror stages, forcing you to complete them with one life. It gives some replay value and added play hours.


  • Immersion breaks a little with the final boss, with a high increase in difficulty and different gameplay mechanics. I didn’t really experience it as a positive ending, a shame because everything before the final boss is pretty much excellent.

Score: 80% | 140 is a short but really fun musical platforming experience. It gives you a great feeling when you beat the stages while becoming one with the music.