Obliteracers review

Review Obliteracers | At first sight you expect a regular kart racer, to my surprise its totally something else. You don’t notice it on screenshots but the camera gameplay makes it really stand out with other games in the genre. Want to read more about it? Let’s check the review for Obliteracers!

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  • A big reason why Obliteracers stands out if the chase-camera gameplay. The top-down camera follows the first Kart, and you need to keep up with it. Get out of view and an inevitable dead follows. For me it worked really well but I can imagine that not everyone will like this design choice. The reason why I like it so much is the added competitive gameplay, especially online.
  • Surprising AI or online players with a jump, 180 turn and while driving reverse, shooting a rocket will never get old. In general all the power ups are fun to use, just don’t expect something really original.
  • Character design is really remarkable, from tough looking warthog and silly looking ducks or futuristic aliens.
  • Those characters really come to life with some great looking colorful graphics and smart level design. It’s definitely an eye pleasing experience and currently the most beautiful Kart racing game on Xbox One.  On the darker tracks you will notice how great the lighting engine works, for a small indie game I seriously need to applause this.
  • Online multiplayer is one of the greatest things about Obliteracers, it’s insanely chaotic but it screams fun. Playing with friends is a blast, playing with total strangers is a blast.
The chase-camera makes the gameplay really fun but choatic.

Mixed Feelings

  • It’s clear that developer Varkian Empire made Obliteracers with online multiplayer in mind. Is the game worth it for solo players? Yes and no. You have quite a few single player missions, but in my opinion they are made as a deep tutorial to prepare you for the chaotic online battles. It’s hard to recommend it for single players only, you’ll have fun but it won’t take really long.
  • The gameplay modifiers are a great idea to give the game some extra replay value. Thing is that not all modifiers are fun, for example the pinball one is a straight mod from hell. But overall it’s a positive thing and my favorite was the Lava mod.
The lighting engine is really good


  • With 16 racers on track, it’s frequently difficult to see where you are on-screen. It’s part of the camera choice gameplay but I feel that they could figure out a way to make it more clear who you are on-screen. So you don’t get frustrated with unwanted deaths

Score: 82% | I really, really hope that gamers will find their way towards Obliteracers, the online multiplayer deserves a player base because it’s simply too much fun to ignore.