The Deer God review

The first free game for Games With Gold for september is The Deer God. Born on Kickstarter this game is a 3d pixel art game about reincarnation.

– The hunter becomes hunted

The Deer God is best described as a linear endless platform rogue runner with some easy but sometimes confusing puzzles. You are a hunter reincarnated as a baby deer tasked with returning to your human self. While playing you have control over your moral system, killing the wrong animals for example will give you an evil moral. Towards the end you will see the consequences from your actions. The Beautiful graphics and lovely music make the game stand out, sadly the same cannot be said about the gameplay. You gain new moves and abilities frequently but the core remains a little boring and frustrating.


  • Every screen is eye-catching
  • Great music


  • Quite A few bugs
  • Gameplay is a little boring
  • Confusing parts
  • interesting gameplay mechanics but badly executed
Score: 57/100


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