Blues and Bullets: Episode one – The End of Peace

Blues and Bullets is a very ambigious project and was an eye-catcher from the very first second I saw it. It’s another episodic game like Life is Strange or the Telltale Games. Should you invest your time with this detective game? Let’s find out!

-Little kids where have you gone

I really have to open with some praise and glory for the developer A Crowd of Monsters, I didn’t expect that Blues and Bullets could live up to it’s potential. It’s maybe a little soon to say because we’re only at episode one but this adventure game is a real hidden gem. With an insanely good atmosphere and black and red art style. The graphics can be compared with 2009’s The Saboteur and is one of the strongest points for the game.  Dialogue and choices could be better but it’s still good enough to be interesting. It also helps when you have  Doug Cockle, known for Gerald in The Witcher as a voice actor. Storywise the game let’s you play some fun scenes that expands the story and gameplay, you do have some dead and boring moments but the good beat the bad parts.


  • Cheap enough to try even if you’re not interested (€5)
  • Great graphics and art style (with a few frame drops)
  • Good enough dialogues with a strong voice actors cast
  • The murder investigation part was gore and well made


  • It would benefit the game if the walking speed was faster
  • Shooter parts are very easy (but fun)
Score: 80%

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