Super Toy Cars

We have a few arcade combat racing games on Xbox One now, Super Toy Cars is joining that line-up and brings some unique racing tracks. Let’s see if it finishes with a top spot or ends up as the last place in the race.

– Racing on a watermelon

As a racing game, realistic or arcade, you need to have a decent feel on the road and Super Toy Cars fails with that¬†miserably. The game’s physics cause a lot of frustrating moments, you get stuck on the road for absolutely no reason, respawn again after a good jump or don’t respawn when needed. Even thinking about it makes my stomach turn. Already released on other platform you would think that Super Toy cars is a finished product, the¬†reality is that the game is full with bugs and rushed game¬†mechanics. Combine that with¬†imprecise controls,¬†unbalanced difficulty and¬†framerate issues… that’s a lot of negative. On the positive side, the game visuals are very simple but the¬†environments are pretty cool. For example, it has to be the first time that I drifted on a watermelon! You also have 16 different toycars and 48 events in career with¬†5 different event types. Overall, I just can’t recommend this game even though I know that the (friendly) developer could use the support.


  • 16 different cars
  • Good (but repetitive) soundtrack
  • Interesting race tracks with huge toys and fruit


  • Fun game to play, but bugs and the¬†physics engine removes the fun pretty fast.
  • Some¬†visual bugs, for example: cars go through objects .
  • Framerate drops in a racing game are double annoying.
  • The drift controls are confusing and inaccurate

Score: 37/100

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