The Bug Butcher review

Review The Bug Butcher | I can’t describe how much I hate freaking bugs, flies that sit on my TV. Mosquitoes that keep me awake at night and I could go on and on. People in space have the same issues and luckily The Bug Butcher comes to the rescue. Read in this review why you should exterminate the bugs in this game or not.


  • The game is all about having a good position, you can only shoot straight up. You will need to be below a bug to kill it, forcing you to take risks every single time. That’s a little bit more difficult than it sounds, to keep up your combo you need to kill bugs fast to reach high scores. Awfully Nice Studios made such an addictive, awfully nice, gameplay mechanic that you get totally hooked for reaching the required score for reaching three stars.
  • That combo-system I mentioned is one of the highlights from Bug Butcher, besides having to reach a specific score for getting three stars you will also need to get raise your combo-meter for getting a combo-star. You build up your combo by killing bugs (duh..), you lose your combo-streak by getting hit or waiting to long before killing another bug. It sounds easy, but it’s quite hard avoiding enemies and killing them on time. It does get a little easier when you start upgrading your weapon and perks though.
  • The colorful graphics splash of your screen with incredible enemy design and wonderful animations. Awfully Nice Studios made some excellent effort in this regard.  You will fall in love with all the enemies, with a soft-heart you will even hate yourself for killing them!
  • Hearing all those pesky little and big bugs explode is almost a relaxing experience. It might say much about how much I hate bugs but the overall sound is top-notch. From the music, fire effects and ambient sound, the sound guy did tremendous work.

Mixed Feelings

  • Bug Butcher’s story is very light, it has a nice introduction scene but after that you are left with some pretty boring small talks between the main character and engineers that help you. To be honest, I don’t think anyone will mind.  You will play this game for its excellent gameplay.


  • I searched and searched but I couldn’t find a single bad thing about The Bug Butcher.

Score: 90% | Awfully Nice Studios made something really special with The Bug Butcher. Making such an addictive and great-to-play game isn’t an easy task, but they absolutely nailed it.