Mantis Burn Racing Review

Review Mantis Burn Racing | Developer VooFoo Games has always made games for me that I can play for hours, and Mantis Burn Racing isn’t different. Read the review to see if this top down racer is something for you!


  • First thing that struck my mind was how nice Mantis Burn Racing looks while playing. From crisp textures, beautiful dust particles and far depth of view points. Breaking stuff looks stunning too, when you drive through wooden bars it looks incredibly realistic. Not everything is as detailed, for example the water effects but overall Mantis looks really, really good.  It shouldn’t come as a surprise if you know how good their previous games (Pure Pool, Pure chess) look, although you can’t compare the genres.
  • Drifting your car around turns is a wonderful experience. Controlling your car is working like a dream, from a studio with 0 racing experience (Don’t quote me on this, I can be wrong) it’s unbelievable to see that they absolutely nailed the racing controls. Each car controls differently and mastering them is a fun thing to do.
  • Upgrading your cars is your main task and the mechanic behind it is pretty unique. Just be careful and don’t focus all your attention in becoming faster, when you are too fast it becomes much more difficult to control the cars. The Dev calls it an RPG-system and I can see what they mean.
  • Multiplayer has clearly been one of the main focuses, with four player split screen, online modes and a fun weekly challenge. Those challenges will keep players coming after they finished the pretty long career mode.

Mixed Feelings

  • More locations would have been welcome, VooFoo tries to bring a few more tracks by giving a reverse option but after a few hours I missed one or two extra unique locations. That said, the tracks that are in the game are diverse and deliver some great drift and speed sensations.


  • Everything about Mantis Burn Racing is pretty good, besides the sound. Not sure what happened but the difference in quality is pretty mind shocking. From repetitive and boring songs, lame sound effects and missing background noises you just have to wonder if they didn’t have the budget. I know that sounds harsh but when everything is fantastic and one thing absolutely sucks its hard to not get angry about it.

Score: 86% | VooFoo Games made another great experience with Mantis Burn Racing. Besides the odd sound slip everything is pretty much perfect about the game. I can safely say that whoever buys this game will really enjoy it.