Horse Racing 2016 review

Review Horse Racing 2016 | Reading the description on about this game made me fall of my beautiful white horse. (I’m lying) Here is what the developer has to say about Horse Racing 2016: “The most Fabulous and Entertaining Game for Everyone. ” (Also lying)


  • You have to believe me when I say that I’m always trying to find something good about a game. I deeply respect the time and effort developers do for making a game. Sadly the only positive thing I can say about Horse Racing 2016 is that you can play a two-hour free trial to experience how freaking bad it is.
  • On second thought, the only true positive thing about Horse Racing 2016 are the different camera angles. It was “nice” to see a first person view.

Mixed Feelings

  • The concept isn’t really appealing but its a shame that the game doesn’t do more effort. A horse game can be pretty popular, if it’s any good.  I hope that the developer Yash Future Tech has more development time for the next one, or that another studio sees the potential in such a game. If you look through every single bad thing about the game you can see some kind of unique and potential fun gaming concept.


  • I rarely comment on how much a game costs, developers are always free to ask how much they want to ask but €30, yes thirty euro, THIRTY (!!) for this experience is unbelievable. I thought the information was wrong and I triple checked it, Horse Racing 2016 has a ridicules price tag of €30 …
  • Gameplay is purely button mashing the A-button and sometimes the X-button to whip the horse. You have to be careful to not use the whip function too much or your horse will die. (Yes, it falls dead on the floor)
  • I have seen better animations on consoles that are fifteen years old. For example the victory animation is simply hilarious.  The jockey throws his whip in the air and it magically follows the player. Horse running animations are incredible woody and every horse and jockey has the same animation, each and every time. Using your whip too much will kill (?) the horse making it drop dead and glide over the floor.  Oh, and the way the jockey sits on the horse.. you would think its some kind of joke.
  • Hideous graphics, I don’t expect realistic or stunning graphics from an indie game but I do expect some kind of polish and unique style. Horse Racing 2016 has none of that, it’s the most ugly game on Xbox One, beating Super Knight Riders and 7 Days to Die.
  • To make it even worse, the game is plagued with performance issues. Trees pop up and the screen freezes regularly. With such low demanding graphics you would think the performance would be top-notch.
  • The bad graphics, bad performance and boring button mashing meet one of the worst handling I have ever experienced. You are supposed to be riding a horse but it feels like controlling something alien like. Moving your alien horse left and right looks and feels totally wrong.
  • I did mention this was €30, right? Did you actually spend that money on it? My condolences.

Score: 7/100 | Never in my life did I play something more boring, ugly and badly designed as Horse Racing 2016. I hate to say such bad things about the game, sorry developers from Yash Future Tech.