Rocket Riot Review

Review Rocket Riot | Small victory dance, this is LifeisXbox’s first Windows 10 game review. And a huge victory dance  because Rocket Riot was an absolute joy to play and a big honor to be my first reviewed Windows 10 game. Be sure to read on and play Rocket Riot afterwards!


  • Rocket Riot is not your normal Twin Stick-shooter, it requires a lot more accuracy and skill for surviving what the game throws at you.  You fly around with a jetpack and shoot your rocket launcher with unlimited rockets. The controls are so well made that controlling the character is a breeze, very necessary because aiming and dodging at the later levels will be very important.
  • Thing I liked the most about the game is the way you unlock character skins, kill an enemy for the first time and you can play it. An easy but addictive mechanic. Before you know it you have a crazy amount of possibilities. With over 300 different characters, going from zombies, robots, pirates, movie inspired, animals and more. I’m 100% sure that you will find someone who you like.
  • The graphics and art style are simple but very effective. Colorful and destroyable levels fall apart with little blocks, showing you a very cool and beautiful effect. It also makes the gameplay fun and challenging. The level rebuilds itself over time, meaning you can make your own paths to kill enemies. Or give yourself enough time to recover some health.
  • For high score players Rocket Riot is literally a dream and a nightmare at the same time. You have so many bonus challenges for extra points that it feels random to get high scores but after a while you figure out how it works and you change your game tactics to receive the most points.
  • To my surprise Rocket Riot has a fantastic soundtrack, seriously it has some mind-blowing addictive songs, and you’ll be singing “Rocket Riot – Rocket Riot” whenever you have the chance. Not only the soundtrack is great but every other sound too.
Yes, you can play as a hamburger

Mixed Feelings

  • Rocket Riot is not made to be played for hours and hours each day, its fun to play for an hour a day but by playing more the concept becomes very repetitive. The developer made some boss fights and a football-like mode to keep it fresh but even that gets a little too repetitive over time.


  • Absolutely nothing.

Score: 88% | Rocket Riot is a great way to keep you entertained, I played it at work (while on my breaks) and time flew by. I highly recommend it, its fun, looks good and is highly addictive.