Song of the Deep Review

Song of the Deep review | When the developer from Sunset Overdrive and Ratchet and Clank brings out a new game ill always be very curious. They have a mixed history of hit & miss games and Song of the Deep swims somewhere in the middle. Read more about it in this Song of the Deep review!


  • Song of the Deep features a typical bedtime story that warms the heart. It brings emotion and some magical wonders. It’s nothing innovative or mindblowing but it’s good enough deliver a good experience. More importantly, it will make you love the main character Merryn.
  • The 2D sidescrolling world is big enough to discover many secrets and beautiful settings. You can compare the underwater vastness with the world from Ori and the Blind Forest
  • I was literally terrified for the controls. I can  only think about one or two games that feature good underwater controls. Song of the Deep nails it completely. I really believed that I was controlling a submarine, maneuvering  for executing attacking abilities and dodging isn’t easy but I loved the balanced feel between control and losing control.
  • Game features a lot of clever gameplay mechanics so gamers won’t get frustrated. Without spoiling much, you’ll be very glad about a specific teleport option.


  • The graphics really shine with some fantastic underwater locations. The attention to detail is spot on, with realistic landscape and magical places. It’s wonderful to see whales or other fauna and flora. That’s why the shock is that much higher to see some very disappointing enemies. Even the submarine that you control looks lackbuster. It seems that the creative work for locations and characters are done by two different groups. A real shame.
  • Most of the puzzles are fun to play but the odd few time consuming puzzles are a drag to play. Forcing you to wait before a danger is gone. Resulting in some short boring parts.


  • After Sunset Overdrive’s perfect performance it’s weird to see that a 2D game from Insomniac Games struggles with some frame rate issues. They don’t happen a lot but when you have a few enemies on screen the frame rate takes some serious dips.

Score: 80% | Like expected, Insomniac Games made another good game. It has a few sinkholes but the overall experience is very positive. 

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