Anarcute Review

Anarcute review | Riots, we have seen quite a few of them lately. The Euro 2016 football tournament brings lots of joy but also some negative things. Rioting doesn’t always have to be bad, it can even be very cute! Don’t believe me? Take a look at this Anarcute review! 


  • The gameplay is easy and perfect for pick up and play sessions.
  • At the first glance Anarcute looks a little childish, all those cute animals with big eyes and the colorful world gives it a very wrong first impression. It’s one of the strongest parts of the game though, the graphical style and adorable manga-like characters work perfectly with the violent action.
  • Wonderful, dreamlike soundtrack. I’m still humming some of the music while writing this review.  Might be the very best for an indie game on Xbox One!
  • Perfect difficulty curve, going into enemies like Rambo will kill your riot group pretty fast. You really have to use all your abilities and outthink some of the gameplay mechanics to receive an S rating at the end.
  • Getting all the cute animal species is a real motivation to continue Anarcute, some of the animal design is really well done. For example the mussel with big eyes is simply hilarious.
  • It’s very impressive that the game runs perfectly, no hiccups at all even with 60+ characters on screen, explosions and falling buildings.


  • The few charming cutscenes that play before and after a new location didn’t really do the trick for me. I think they are suppose to be funny.


  • While you have replay value for getting S-ratings for every level, the game could have featured two or three more locations. A playthrough will take a maximum of four hours.

Score: 84% | Anarcute already won Microsoft’s Imagine Cup and Best Student Project from Unity and I can totally see why. Rioting has never been this fun and developer Anarteam can be very proud for this insanely cute game.

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