Heart&Slash review

Heart&Slash Review | Playing as a cute heart robot, what could possibly go wrong? Made possible with Kickstarter, this hack and slash, roguelike game hopes to find an audience on Xbox.  Let’s take a look at this review from Heart&Slash to see if it’s something for you!

Art direction is spot on


  • The more you play the more content you unlock, making each new life unique.  Not all items are geat but with 75 different weapons and lots of armour I’m pretty sure you’ll find something you like.
  • What needs to be good for a hack and slash game? The combat system of course! And that’s definitely the case for Heart&Slash, having three weapons at the same time means that you can do some pretty cool combo’s
  • Heart&Slash doesn’t go for realistic and mindblowing graphics but it has a colorful and cute art direction that gives the game personality. The style for the characters are well designed, levels can become a little repetitive but the randomization from enemies made up for that.
Is that you hulkbuster?


  • I understand the idea behind a roguelike game but it stings a little that you lose your upgraded items when you die, you take unspend points with you but lose all progress from weapons.
  • Unfair randomization is something that quite a few roguelike games have and Heart&Slash has the same problem.  Too many difficult enemies in the beginning or getting a rubber duck and a lame weak weapon cause some unfair deaths. It can also work the other way around when the game gives you three Godlike weapons right at the beginning.
The itsy-bitsy spider climbed up the water spout


  • Wonky camera. Controlling the camera isn’t an easy thing to do, to begin it’s way to sensitive for turning and it zooms at the most annoying times. Giving you a hard time following an enemy, especially some flying robots.
  • A few framerate hiccups while playing.

Score: 64% | With a fun combat system and charming characters Heart&Slash manages to find a good balance between fun and addictive. It’s a shame that the issues with the camera breaks many good things about the game.


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