7 Days to Die review

7 Days to Die review | A great feature about Xbox One is the Xbox Preview program for developers, unfinished games can be made available for sale. The developers can finish it up with the feedback from gamers. Ark is a fine example for that. 7 Days to Die however is not part of Xbox Preview and is being sold as a “finished” game. Simply unacceptable, read this review for 7 Days to Die to find out why! 


  • The idea behind 7 Days to Die is great, building and improving your base against aggressive zombies. Collecting everything from the massive open world and crafting everything you need.
  • The crafting system can be compared with Minecraft but with even more depth.

Mixed Feelings

  • While the massive open world features many different locations, it becomes very repetitive.


  • Awful ugly graphics, Xbox 360 launch games look even more crisp. Textures are extremely washed out and disappear randomly. Almost every object is a 2D line, looking really weird in a 3D world.
  • Ridiculously bad graphics apparently cause terrible overall performance, random frame drops or three-second hiccups happen around the clock. Very annoying!
  • Sound glitches multiple times, having no sound at all seems to be happening more than having no frame drops for five minutes. Absolutely terrible, pretty good example for that is the jump sound, coming four seconds too late, each and every time.
  • Besides a bad short explained tutorial the crafting system is very confusing and hard to figure out. Even in the beginning tutorial I got stuck finding a specific resource.
  • 7 Days to Die is a game made for online multiplayer, that’s great and all but you need working servers for that. To date I haven’t played a working online yet, having multiple errors, even  random Xbox One shutdowns while joining a game.
  • Some of the worst animations I ever seen in a game, me and my girlfriend laughed out loud after seeing a deer run away. It would have been better to call it a big mutated frog.
  • Combat system is unbalanced and hard with no realistic physics, aiming your melee weapons is simply broken and doesn’t work most of the times.

Score: 10% |  I played some boring and awful games on Xbox One but 7 Days to Die beats them all, I don’t understand that the developer didn’t bring this game for Xbox Preview. They are simply selling an unfinished alpha game. AVOID.


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