FRU review

FRU review | FRU isn’t the first game that uses your silhouette for magical gaming moments, but it’s the first time that a developer perfected it. Will FRU be the last Kinect game? That’s a big possibility, but Kinect can be proud that it ended with a bang, with Kung Fu for Kinect and now FRU! Read more about it in this FRU review!

Fear the flaming sword!


  • Your body (silhouette) shows an alternate version of the 2D level, removing hazards or adding objects so your game character can reach the end of the level.
  • An absolute blast to play in Co-op. I was the silhouette and my girlfriend was playing on the controller. We needed lots of communication and teamwork to finish the levels. Resulting in some hilarious moments. While I embarrassed myself she was laughing her ass of, pretty logical considering some positions I had to take for resolving a difficult level.
  • The platform sections with the controller are easy enough so you can play by yourself. While I advice to play it with another player you can single single-handedly finish it.
  • Beautiful animated main character, the fox-like lady with mask brings some personality that you don’t really expect from a Kinect game.
  • The game stole my heart with the swimming gameplay, it was the exact unique gameplay element that FRU needed to be really original.
  • The game story is well told with some painted murals and a few written text parts. It’s a fairytale story that explains why the main character is wearing a mask. While it’s definitely not the reason why you continue FRU (that’s the motion gameplay), it’s a well added bonus and a big reason why you’ll love the game even more.
  • Hidden on the 100+ levels are 24 collectibles, they are a little harder and provide some fun challenging gameplay, providing some much needed replay value.
As you can see, you need to do some very awkward positions to finish levels in FRU. It’s modern Twister!


  • One of the benefits from Xbox One’s Kinect is that it requires less space when you compare it with the first Kinect from the Xbox 360.  For example Slice Zombies, Fantasia, Kinect Sport Rivals don’t need that much space, FRU however needs considerabel more space for some complex moves. I really struggled a few times because my room was a little bit too small but luckily we could finish it.
  • FRU isn’t an ugly game, the main character is pretty well done but the environments are a little bit repetitive and unoriginal.  I liked most of the art on screen but I expected a little more. It’s not bad though, average is a great word to describe it.


  • It’s over before you know it, maybe it was because I played it with my girlfriend but we finished the game in less than three hours. The disappointment is that much higher because the game is really fun, I felt that they could add a few more content. More difficult platform sections would have been more than welcome.
I absolutely loved the swimming levels!

Score: 92% | Throught Games made the best Kinect game on Xbox. That’s all this conclusion needs, a powerful but completely true sentence. So ill repeat it again: Through games FRU is the best Kinect game on Xbox.

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