Slime-san Superslime Edition Review

Slime-san Superslime Edition Review

Slime-san Superslime Edition

Developed by American indie-studio Fabraz and published by Head-up Games, Slime-san Superslime Edition is the ultimate edition of the 2017 PC hit Slime-san with all additional content and some extra features especially included in this new version. If you missed the original release, now you’ll have the opportunity to experience the best version of this fast-paced platformer for your Xbox One and guide Slime-san in three different adventures. Let’s take a look in our review and get ready to guide our slimy friend out of trouble in this addictive and challenging game!



  • Slime-san has HUGE amount of content, hours and hours of gameplay joy awaits you. It contains the three original campaigns (Mama’s Madness, you have been swallowed by a giant worm in this one, Blackbird’s Kraken, our friend Slime-san was out for vacation with his family and got eaten by a giant kraken and, once again, must escape its digestive system, and Sheeple’s Sequel, in which the Sheeple, one of the NPCs, wants to prove he is better than Slime-san and challenges him to beat the levels he designed) plus some special stages especially designed for this ultimate version. The game also contains a new game +, boss rush mode, speed run mode, challenges and mini games that’ll keep you busy for about 200 levels! Is that enough content for you? I think so!
  • If you like collectibles, lots of them are scattered in all stages. By collecting them, you can buy new costumes for Slime-san and his buddy Birdie, new playstyles, shades, arts for the background and multiplayer (local only) mini games in the one of the world hubs.
  • Each campaign has an interesting hub with many NPCs for you to interact and discover more about the world. You will spend some good time talking to NPC and exploring all the secrets the world of Slime-san hides for you to uncover. Providing some surprising backstory depth for this kind of genre.
  • Although the “blips and blops” of the sound effects were not big deal, the music was great! With tracks from some known artists like Adhesive Wombat, Meganeko, Kubbi, Inverse Phase and Tiasu (I must confess I didn’t know any of them before playing the game), I promise you’ll be enjoying it as soon as you start playing the game!
  • Gameplay is simple but really challenging! You will jump and slide your way towards the exit in each stage, collecting apples/bananas/bugs (depending on the campaign that you are playing), avoiding enemies and traps and running against time, before the red liquid reaches and start to digest you. If you manage to finish each level under par time, you’ll be rewarded with a trophy. Some stages also have secret exits that usually takes you to a new NPC for your world hubs. Try to find them all!


  • The first thing that will get your attention is Slime-san’s unusual art style: the visuals with only a 5-color palette will look strange at first sight. For gamers that consider graphics the most important aspect of a game, it may look like a step down. On the other hand, those who don’t mind about it, will encounter a rich an incredibly well-detailed worlds in each of the campaigns. (Editor-in-chief note: I have to add on this that the game causes some extreme eye tiredness while playing, if I played Slime-san longer than half an hour I got some headache, unfortunately) 


  • The shades and costumes you can apply to the game (after buying them, let’s remember) add little to no value to the game. Completionists will have a tough time to unlock everything, but the prize for achieving it isn’t worthy all the trouble. There should be something more rewarding than these simple things that don’t add to the gameplay.

Slime-san [Score 80%] a very well received game on Switch and PC and now its Superslime Edition has everything to reach the same status on Xbox One. It’s challenging and engaging game with an easy premise, but tough gameplay that only the most persevering will be able to achieve 100%. Grab a copy of this little jewel as soon as you can and help Slime-san go back to his family!