Grab The Bottle Review

Grab The Bottle Review

Grab The Bottle

Solving trial and error puzzles by stretching your arm like Marvel character Mr. Fantastic. It is a weird gameplay concept but it works pretty well and feels fresh, in what I believe is an overcrowded genre.  Developer Kamina Dimension delivers a one-of-a-kind experience but is grabbing the bottles a fun one too? Read all about that in this review! 


  • The cute art style might be very simplistic but that benefits the game immensely. With some colourful cut scenes and levels the game manages to keep your eyes entertained. It remains a little funny to see an ever¬†expanding arm too, the visuals just have that special something that immediately demands attention.
  • The relaxing soundtrack will keep you calm while failing the level for the fifth time, while the danger exists that the music can become a little bit of an earworm I was still pretty happy with the overall sound and music!

Mixed Feelings

  • Controls are fine but I did have some issues with the¬†responsiveness while turning. Luckily you can hit walls and objects three times before it is game over so it never really becomes frustrating if you fail to make a sharp turn. In general the control lay-out is easy to understand and does his purpose decent enough.
  • The single solution levels totally kills any form of replayability, this also means a high form of replaying levels because of the trial and error. Doing a set of moves first is crucial for some of the later levels, the point is finding the correct path but that can also lead to some frustration, finding that path can and will be a boring chore.


  • While fun at first Grab The Bottle just doesn’t remain fun after a few levels. The repetitive trial and error gameplay will bore even the most¬†persistent gamers. My strong suggestion would be to play this game in short burst, playing it for longer than an hour will result in some increasingly boring moments.

Grab The Bottle [Score: 60%] A decent puzzle game for a great price tag. Just be sure to know that this isn’t the type of game that you will play for long sessions. Keep it in short burst and you’ll have some fun with this original but very repetitive experience.¬†