Lumines Remastered

Lumines Remastered

Lumines Remastered

This early 2000s puzzle game has been on quite a few consoles and handhelds in the past years, thanks to Resonair and Enhance we can finally enjoy this insanely addictive game in shiny 4K for our Xbox One X console. Is this easy to pick up game something for you? Let us find out in this review for Lumines Remastered! 


  • Do not let the somewhat boring boxart fool you, Lumines is a colorful and visually engaging game. Each of the many skins have a different background and/or colour, it is pretty surprising how some skins have big complexity, despite having only two colours. The game is really silk and smooth too, unlike the Lumines Live! version for the Xbox 360, so don’t be afraid to give this puzzle game another shot, if that was an issue for you.
  • Lumines is my favorite kind of block game for the simple reason that everything is in your control. The game never screws you over and some quick thinking and tactical placement is required to get some big scores. Having a good sense of when to place blocks is very important, each skin (or song) had a different wipe timing, for those unfamiliar with Lumines a wipe is when all 2×2 (or more) squares of the same colour are destroyed, giving you points. The more 2×2 blocks in a single wipe the higher the score booster. Easy to understand concept but it has some serious gameplay depth.
  • Lumines Remastered comes with a feature that I wouldn’t have thought about in a million years. It is named “Super Rumble” and allows you to connect up to 8 Xbox One controllers, place them on your body and lets you “feel” the bass.  While expensive to set-up (who has eight Xbox One controllers?) I did it with five controllers and it was a pretty cool thing to experience.
  • The bland between gameplay and sound is one of the strong points from Lumines, every move you do adds something to the catchy soundtrack. It is hard to explain in words and have to be experienced in real. One thing is for sure though, sound and music is fanciful in this game.


  • No new skins and no online multiplayer are a little disappointing, luckily the game has enough game modes and content to keep you entertained for weeks.


  • Nothing, or maybe the lost time because this game is passionately addictive.

Lumines Remastered [Score: 93%] Lumines has been one of my favorite puzzle games since the first time I played it. It looks great, sounds incredible and feels fantastic. Buying this game should be on everyone’s bucket list!