Short Review: Ultimate Racing 2D

Short Review: Ultimate Racing 2D

The very first racing game that I ever touched? Was Formula 1 1996. Yes, I know, I am old! But that’s not the point. What I liked about that game was the feeling of speed (back then) and the droning noise of those engines. Since then, racing games have made a long way! Visually, conceptually, soundwise and even perspectively. The top-down perspective never really felt natural to me. So I stayed away from them as much as I could (yes, that even means that I didn’t play the first GTA games!). But when I saw Ultimate Racing 2D? I thought, hey… Why not. And I gave the thought child by Applimazing Works a try! Did it cross the finish line? Find out in our short review of Ultimate Racing 2D now!

Applimazing did a tremendous job in providing us with a lot of racing types. As well as cars and tracks! But as I said in some reviews already, quantity does not equal quality. And this is sadly the case for Ultimate Racing 2D. Car handling is a nightmare at times, as well as trying to identify your car in a line-up of cars that look similar in shape and color! When it comes down to sound? Well, prepare your ears for a mad ker-fuckery! since everything just sounds like a monotonous drone. A constant assault as it were! Though, don’t get me wrong. It can be enjoyable if you put your own music on… Because obviously this game doesn’t supply its own in-track songs! And be ready to put in a lot of work, trying to figure out how to control your car because it handles like a mother trucker… Visually it’s not a highflyer either. Everything looks drab, mushed… Look at the crowd in the upper picture? Looks like a top down view from a plate of skittles or something…



Unfortunately, Ultimate Racing 2D doesn’t feel like a game that’s worth the purchase. With mediocre gameplay and enjoyment? It’s rather a dud in my opinion. As a free to play game? Sure, i’d give it a chance. But at the moment? Nah, nothing in my mind that would say to recommend this for anyone sadly enough…