Short Review: Warhammer Quest 2: The End Times

Short Review: Warhammer Quest 2: The End Times

No… No! Hell no! What! Hello ladies and gentlenerds! If you are reading this? My brain has gone on vacation after playing this game. It’s sad to say that it probably won’t be returning for a while. If any issues would arise? Please refer to error code 404. Will to brain not found. Ugh… Let me start out right from the bat, we all know that I have a passion for the Warhammer franchise. I mean… Loot at my other Warhammer review… So obviously when I heard that there was another Warhammer game up for review? I jumped the gun and snatched it right up… Wishing that I hadn’t later on. Though I don’t blame Perchang, they could’ve done the franchise so much better… Why? Sigh… I’ll explain in this quick review of Warhammer Quest 2: The End Times… Sigh…

The premise of Warhammer Quest 2 is really amazing. You’ll travel all across the old world, fighting all forms of Chaos monstrosities. Upgrading your characters and meeting new heroes for you to accompany you. Lacking someone? Then you could recruit him from taverns if need be. That’s a formula that would create absolute winning right? I thought so, at least… Turns out? I couldn’t be further from the friggin’ truth! When I entered my first Turn-Based battle? It was obvious that this wasn’t created with a console in mind! No boys and girls. This is a mobile port. Moving your movement pointer works all and well until an obstacle is in your path. It blocks! I repeat, the obstacle blocks your movement of the cursor. You’ll have to move the cursor around the blockage to reach that perfectly reachable tile behind it. I mean what? Seriously? It doesn’t just jump over it? Nope! Furthermore. There are no voice-overs, at all. None. Just read the text as you’d do on the mobile app. Combat in itself? It is nothing to shake your fist at as well. Its basic mobile combat that you’d see on a cheap app. A fizzle and pop. And that’s it. Character-wise? They do stick to the lore, as well as the enemies. So that’s, to say the least. And I think that’s one of the only positive things I can actually say about it. The game does stick to lore and does not bastardize it…



Warhammer Quest 2 is such an utter dissapointment! Moreso because the franchise is having issues with finding a decent line-up to present itself with. More than not, these games tend to be duds or dead on arrival. Perchang did try its best, but shouldn’t have gone for the cashgrab. It should’ve stayed where it belonged, on the mobile market. And not on the PC or Console market!