Belgian Game Awards: Brukel scores a hattrick! Soe Nsuki wins gamer hearts.

Belgian Game Awards: Brukel scores a hattrick! Soe Nsuki wins gamer hearts.

Last year the Belgian Game Awards had Eefje ‘Sjokz’ Depoortere and William Boeva as hosts, so Soe Nsuki had a tremendous task to fulfill as this year’s awards host. Yes, she did an outstanding job and truly conquered many hearts with her funny remarks and relaxed attitude. She uplifted an otherwise generic and slightly boring award show that had fireworks and world premiere trailers but totally missed what an award show is about… the winners. For the sake of “not losing too much time” winners weren’t allowed to say anything to the audience, despite the fact that a speaker desk was present. This decision was made by the same people that did waste everyone’s time with a painfully boring 20 minute instrumental part. Pretty weird if you ask me. Yaaaay, you won an award but sorry you have to get off stage immediately. No disrespect for the musicians, it is simply impossible to keep everyone’s attention for twenty minutes with only a piano and a contrabass, once Tetris started people finally had some fun again! Anyway… let us move on to what is important, the winners!

Game of the Year, Nanotale!

The developer from Mons, Fishing Cactus won the game of the year award with Nanotale. The game is fantastic but it is a little surprising that they won as only 35% of the game has been released on Steam as an early release game. Buy the game here!

The big winner with three awards: Brukel!

A game about a 92-year-old World War 2 survivor and also the grandmother from the developer has deservingly so won three awards at the Belgian Game Awards. They won: Serious Game of the Year – Debut Game of the Year and more importantly the Audience award that was organized by Game Mania. Buy the game here!

Most anticipated

I can’t shake the feeling that Ary & the Secret of Seasons was robbed here but the winner was 30 Birds. Don’t get me wrong the poetic painted world looks incredible, so I’m sure this game will be great! It is currently in pre-alpha, more information can be found here!

Studio of the Year

In a country with Larian Studios and Neopica it is an honor to win Studio of the Year, although both of them haven’t submitted. Triangle Factory was founded in 2010, with strong YoY growth of +50% during the last 3 years and multiple successful games, including the ” De Slimste Mens ter Wereld ” game you simply can’t argue that they deserve this award! Check out more about them here!

Best Narrative – Mobile game of the Year and Student game of the Year.

Best Narrative award > Here is Journey for Elysium again, they have won many international awards and at the Belgian game Awards received best narrative! I personally expected more awards for this VR-game but the competition was obviously fierce. Buy it here!

Mobile game of the Year > Blue, a puzzle game developed by Bart Bonte wins mobile game of the year. You can download it for free on Google Play or on the App Store!

Student game of the year > the brilliant game No Players Online from Adam Pype & Viktor Kraus, name your own price and play it now.


Big attention for the esports scene at the Belgian Game Awards, the ESL Proximus Championship with a prize pool of €20.000 received the Best Competition of the Year award. Best Rookie Player of the Year (person on the left) was won by Bryan “Badjian” Badjie, a very friendly guy by the way and Best Pro Player of the Year (person on the right) was won by Gabriël “Bwipo” Rau.