Review: Witch Lorain's Death Game

Review: Witch Lorain's Death Game

If you like a short game where you die a lot in a lot of funny ways then Witch Loraine’s Death Game is the game for you. Giordano Pacifico created a game where you will play as Paxon who’s about to slay his first witch. The developer Giordano Pacifico has a great sense of humor since he implemented a lot of death mechanics into the game. Curious to find out more about this game, join me in this review and make sure you don’t die along the way.

An encounter with Witch Loraine.

What we liked!

  • Deaths:  Like I already mentioned in the intro, the game is about dying. And then a lot of it. While I was playing I think I died at least 50+ times. Sure, in most games this is really frustrating but the developer really put some effort into this and no death is the same. For example, you open a door and suddenly a giant ball falls on your head, or you suddenly drown when you were trying to take a piece of gold, or you encounter a picture of a demon which scares you to death (yes, the picture is the face of the developer himself). It really makes the game fun and keeps you playing since nothing is the same.
  • Escape room: While I was playing the game I got the feeling that you were placed into an escape room where you had to solve puzzles or perform so kind of action in order to unlock the door and proceed in the story. This and the funny deaths really are a strong combination.
  • Story: The idea behind the game is also very good, You are a witch hunter who’s about to kill his first witch (Witch Loraine). She already destroyed half the town so it’s up to you to stop her from destroying the other half. In between the puzzle rooms you will sometimes encounter whats something like a cutscene but not entirely. You still have the control of Paxton but it’s also a bit of background information about what’s currently happening or happened in the past.
An encounter with a hideous demon that causes death (yes, this is a picture of the developer).

Somewhere between

  • Short: The only thing in my mind that left me with mixed feelings is that the game is really short. It would be perfect if the game was at least twice as longs as that it currently is. On the other side, it’s a compact game know and for the price of only € 3,29. it’s perfect as it is.
A puzzle room where you have to dodge the walking figures

What we disliked

  • Nothing: I have played the game entirely twice now and I can’t come up with anything negative about it.



Witch Loraine’s Death Game is a really funny and enjoyable game. While solving a variety of different puzzles, you will die a lot in some surprising ways. The game can feel really short but on the other hand, it just costs €3,29 and that is the price it’s definitely worth to pay! So, I suggest that everyone needs to check out this game because it’s surprisingly good!