Preview: Baby Dino Adventures

Last weekend at 1UP, I had the chance to test the game Baby Dino Adventures by Sleeping Panda Games. This cute little platformer game is still in its early stages of development and will probably release somewhere next year. I tested some of the first levels that were developed already and I was impressed!

Baby Dino Adventures is a cute little platformer in which you help a baby T-Rex find his parents. It’s the second game by Antoine GuΓ©dΓ¨s, the man behind Sleeping Panda. For a game that will be released in a year, I am already quite impressed with Baby Dino Adventures. One the first things I noticed (and I’m sure you will too), is that these graphics are simply adorable. I mean, a little dinosaur and an amazing pixelated world to walk around in. The difficulty is average and things are explained very well at the beginning of the game.

Of course, there were still some bugs that needed fixing. For example, my little dino kept doing flips against the wall for some absurd reason. It also seemed like some traps weren’t placed entirely in the right place, but that could’ve been just me. I’m sure these bugs will be fixed promptly since the developer was very open to feedback and quite friendly!

I honestly can’t wait to play the full version of this game next year. I will definitely be looking forward to the release. I am hoping to maybe see some extra dinosaurs in the game, so that baby dinosaur can make some friends or enemies, I’m fine either way! FYI, you can test this game yourself on the website and you can even support it if you wish to.