Short review: Tracks – The train set game

Short review: Tracks – The train set game

I still recall the times out of my youth. Having a few toy trainset tracks I’d make the most elaborate railways for my toy trainset to ride along. I’d have a blast, right up until one of my wheels broke off of my locomotive. Then it got stored away to never be played with ever again. It wasn’t until so many years later, my son discovered the joys of trains as well. And everything that comes with it! Now he’s got more toy trains than I could shake a fist at! So when I saw that this game came in to review? I immediately jumped for the opportunity. But is it a true choo choo full steam ahead? Or is it best to pull the emergency brake? Find out in this short review of Tracks!

I had some high hopes when starting the game. But those were quickly brought back to ground level after my first hour. This is because there is barely any content here that makes it enjoyable to really play. Tracks truly is a sandbox game. Sure you’ve got a few rooms for you to play around in. But the overall concept remains the same. You put down tracks, you populate the empty spaces with roads and buildings and you go pick up passengers. That’s about it. There really isn’t a soundtrack to keep you busy in this mostly silent game. Nothing… There isn’t much interaction with your surroundings either. They really created the barebone version of a sandbox game. You can create your own tiny city to spruce up the room. Put cars on the roads. But that’s really everything you can do in here. Oh, and interact with a few of your surrounding stuff. Such a letdown…



While the setup looks promising, the execution leaves you wanting. This is really a game for someone who is a die hard fan of a sandbox game, and really isn’t expecting much. While you can create elaborate tracks for your toy train to run along, that really is about everything you will be getting out of the game. Don’t expect engaging gameplay because that really isn’t here.