Review: Football Game

Review: Football Game

If you think about sports in the American college system? What would be the first sport that comes to mind? That’s correct. Football! That’s because college football is where a lot of college athletes make their fame and get drafted for Pro teams. College football is huge and these athletes live for it. But that’s not where this game takes you through. I know it might be confusing, but Football Game actually has nothing to do about the sport! And it’s actually a pretty weird one at that… So, are you ready to delve into it and find out what it’s all about? Then read on in our review of Football Game!

What we liked!

  • Intriguing story: I’ve got to give it to the developer. One thing that they implemented right, is how to create a mystery where there first was none. The game starts off basic like a love story. A college football player is in love with the love of his life. He got a bit too drunk and slept in way too late. So he needs to get to the game. But, he also wants to give his girl a present. But nothing is at it seems as things really start rolling after you can’t find the gift that you meant to give her. I’m not going to spoil anything but… It gets really weird, really quick!

Somewhere between

  • Visuals: The overall visual style is quite okay, to be honest. It’s your standard pixel point and click adventure that you’ll be used too if you have ever played games like Monkey Island. But its when you see the faces of your characters during the conversations that question marks pop up. These look… Awkward. The angles are all wonky, the proportions are off and they kind of look like melting Mr. Potato heads

What we disliked

  • Way too short: When you think, oh god this game is actually really suspenseful.. It ends. After not even an hour! When everything is starting to unfold it gets cut short. And leaves you with kind of a cliffhanger. Think of it like the spinner at the end of the movie Inception. Did it fall? Or did it keep spinning? Yeah… That’s how Football Game leaves you. Wait, did it really happen? Was it something else? What.. WHAAAT? And what was that sudden snap back to a certain point? Ugh… You don’t do that!! Come on… I want to know what really happened!



Football Game is an excellent game that was cut way too short in my opinion. Not only did it have a really intruiging story. But it was quite suspenseful as well! If you’re into mysterious stories, and don’t mind less then an hour of content? Then give this one a looksy! It certainly is worth it!