Short review: Bridge Constructor Portal DLC Portal Proficiency

Portal is one of my all-time favorite games. When ClockStone announced that the fifth installment of their engineering series Bridge Constructor, Bridge Constructor Portal, the third to hit Xbox One platform, would be in the Aperture Laboratories… I went nuts! I doubt someone has ever imagined adding Portal elements to Bridge Constructor, but yes, somebody did! And I must say that adding Portal elements (including GLaDOS ?) to Bridge Constructor gameplay was awesome!

The game was well-received by the media, scoring 78 on Metacritic. In our review, back in Feb’2018 (link for those interested), the game scored a solid 84%. And now, 21 months later (yes, that long), ClockStone brings more life to the game with a DLC by the name of Portal Proficiency, adding more levels of crazy fun do the title.

The DLC brings more levels and more fun to the game formula, providing additional challenges in the Aperture Laboratories where you will build your bridges and portals along 30 new unsafe test chambers.

Don’t know if you are a player who enjoys puzzles games, but if you have already played Portal or Bridge Constructor, you should really try this DLC. And if you’re a happy owner of Gamepass, even better: the game is available in your Gamepass library, both for your Xbox and PC! So, do yourself a favor and try it right now! And remember: the bridge is still a lie!