Short review: Planet Zoo: Arctic Pack

Short review: Planet Zoo: Arctic Pack

Last Year in November, Frontier Developments brought us the wonderfully beautiful game Planet Zoo. Back then, we reviewed this game and gave it a score of no less than 85% (click here). Not even two months later, the first DLC was released: Arctic Park. The trailer promised the same amazing graphics with new adorable animals. It sure got me excited.

Let’s start with the new feature everyone was looking forward to most: the new animals. There are now polar bears, reindeers, arctic wolfs and Dall sheep. That’s it, unfortunately. I would’ve loved to see some more animals, like penguins. I mean, you got to have penguins man! Of course, new scenery items have been added as well. My favorite: ice sculptures! The two new scenarios, Norway and Mexico, didn’t speak to me that much, but it’s nice that they were added as well. However, something caught my eye during playing. I had a zoo, in the middle of some snowy mountains and it was snowing, but somehow my visitors were walking around in shorts and T-shirts? For a game that pays so much attention to how the animals act and change their behavior according to different situations, this felt unfortunate.



Even though the Arctic Pack is really cute and has some great aspects, I wouldn’t have bought it myself. Mainly because there’s only four new animals while the game costs 10 Euros. I do hope they learn from their first DLC and keep in mind the feedback of players for the next one.