Short Review: Mad Games Tycoon

Short Review: Mad Games Tycoon

When I heard the title? The first thing that popped into my head was Mad Magazine. So obviously I thought that the game would be exactly like what the magazine in itself portrayed. A thematically based tycoon game in the MAD world. I couldn’t have been further from the truth my dudes and dudettes. Strap on, because this is gonna be a short one! This is, Mad Games Tycoon!

As said in the opening credits of this review, I thought this game would’ve been a thematic tycoon game set in the MAD universe. Alas, it is not. You are a starting developer in what some would call the “birthing years of gaming”. At first, you’ll have just a few starting themes and technologies to create your game with. Release it to start raking in those precious dollars. In the beginning, this might seem like a fun mechanic, but the further you roll into it, the more tedious it becomes. This is not helped by the fact that everything just looks quite bland and boring. Though I must say that the thrill of finally releasing a AAA game does feel nice.. at the start, again. In the Tycoon genre, Mad Games Tycoon does kinda-ish okay. But manage everything for yourself! I had everyone in their correct rooms with the proper skills and accidentally pressed the “let AI decide assigned rooms.” And yeah… that pretty much wrecked everything. Another shortcoming was sadly noticed when my company started growing bigger. My employee count went up, and my FPS went down… Way down. What, the actual heck?



Mad Games Tycoon could’ve been a good game if not for a few major shortcomings. Though it’s nice for a quick go, I wouldn’t really recommend it unless you really want to shell out some cash. It has potential but landed just short from being a good game.