Short review: Election Year Knockout 2020

Where the 2020 election in the United States are happening this November, it is now the time to release your games about it. And so did ExceptioNULL Games with their new game Election Year Knockout. In this game you literally fight your way to the White House and eventually take on Donald Trump in order to become the president.

During the game, which has the full title Election Year Knockout 2020: The Punch Out Style President Debate (ft. Trump and Biden), you will have to fight in certain regions of the US In order to get enough votes to be eligible to go for the trophy. During the game you fight a lot of different opponents but almost everyone is a familiar face so you can just beat the shit out of Joe Biden, continued by a fight against Jeb Bush. The mechanics that are used in the game are really basic, and nothing special. But the developers managed to give a nice vibe to it which makes it actually fun to play. Also the fact that you can completely change your character and unlock more customize options while you get more votes.