Short Review: Delta0

Short Review: Delta0

Do you like mathematical puzzle games to stimulate your brain? If the answer is yes, than JSR-Productions’ Delta0 might be a lovely game for you. This game is already available for mobile phones or as a download for your PC, but on December 1st, it will also go live on Steam so the time was right to give it a go and to see if we can solve the puzzles.

In Delta0 there is a variety of puzzles that need to be solved in order to complete the game. Well, not a lot of different ones because all the puzzles are the same but they get harder the further along you progress. It is your goal to get the number that is shown in each corner by combining three of the 9 given numbers. Sounds easy but it’s actually not that simple. There are 4 corners which each have their own different number and they all need to match to complete the puzzle.

The game offers a a few game modes (8 in total). You can choose between easy, medium and hard where each option offers 500 puzzles. Besides this, you have five other modes: ‘daily’, which gives new puzzles every day, ‘quick’ and ‘timer’ where you compete against the time, and there’s ‘news’ and ‘messages/emails’. It won’t be as easy as you think to find these game modes since the menu is basically just icons with no text or explanation. This made it quite difficult to navigate in the beginning.



The game looks good and the puzzles are fun to solve. One thing that I found a bit disappointing is that the menu is very vague. At first I had no idea what buttons I was clicking on, and that is something that can easily be fixed for PC. Furthermore, I think that if you want to try this game, it’s better to download it on your phone since it’s free (with ads), and you will probably be done with it after a couple of days anyway. However, if you really don’t want advertisements, the game costs a little over 2 Euros on Steam. is the largest Belgian Xbox centered website, your reading time is greatly appreciated! Please consider sharing this review with your friends on social media, that means a lot for us! If you are Dutch speaking also consider joining our Dutch exclusive Facebook group Xbox Gamers Belgium.