Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter

Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter review | First of all, I’m asking a big pardon for posting this review for Sherlock Holmes a month later than expected. I had a few issues with the review code and my Xbox.  As you know LifeisXbox is pretty fast with posting reviews so this saddens me deeply. Anyway, Lets go on with things! Is this Sherlock Holmes good for unleashing your detective skills? Find out in this review!

Let’s all agree on something, we all wanted to smash a bottle on someone’s head before


  • Developer Frogwares really learned from previous Sherlock Holmes games, detective cases in Devil’s Daughter are much more mysterious and original. It’s harder guessing whats going on, making it a much more pleasant experience. I also love the fact that they added some paranormal (or not?) explanations, giving it a darker setting.
  • Moral choices, it’s the marketing line for Telltale Games and not always deliver. To my surprise Devil’s Daughter has some very cleverly made situations that require some hard moral choices. I’m not going to spoil anything but take my word for it that you’ll be doubting yourself on how to continue. Making the right choice by law doesn’t always mean it’s a good thing!
  • Sherlock Holmes is a beautiful game, with a few rough edges. The lighting engine is a real stunner and textures look sharp and detailed. The outdoor environments look good but indoor rooms like Sherlock’s flat have that extra little touch making it very realistic.
  • Analysing and solving the puzzles is a fun thing to do, the game doesn’t hold your hand so you really need to think about necessary steps. Some gamers will get stuck for a while but with some trial and error you’ll manage to defeat those hard logical puzzles.
Kudos for the voice actor that plays Sherlock Holmes

Mixed Feelings

  • The voice actor that played Sherlock Holmes did an amazing job, absolutely fantastic. That’s why it’s a big bummer to hear some bad voice casting for smaller characters. It’s better than the previous Crimes and Punishment Sherlock game though, so that’s a good thing.
Detailed environments are plagued with frame rate issues


  • I can take a shower, eat something and finish reading the Belgian civil law-book before some incredible long loading times are finally finished.  All joking aside, loading times can take longer than one minute, even close to two minutes. Unacceptable!
  • At some times you take control over Sherlock’s Dog, you have to excuse me but I forgot his name while writing this review, while I appreciate the effort that the developer did for giving players unique experiences it’s really laughably bad when you look at the animations. Overall the animations are a generation behind, with woody, weird-looking movements.
  • The game suffers with big screen tearing and frame rate drops, they don’t really impact the gameplay but it’s still a major turn off while playing it.

Score: 77% | It’s a shame that a few bad things about Sherlock Holmes: Devil’s Daughter overshadow the positive things. Behind those long loading times and bad performance, hidden in that dark shadowy place is a very good game that many gamers can love.