Cannon Brawl review

Cannon Brawl review | My first impression without playing Cannon Brawl was “meh.. another bad Worms clone”, it proves that you should never trust your first impression, Cannon Brawl is so much more! Read more about it with this Cannon brawl review!

Is that a pirate boat?


  • The story campaign stays fresh with new towers and ways to attack or defend yourself. The developer isn’t scared to use some clever ideas for surprising the players. Constantly giving you new tactics to explore and develop.
  • Perfect learning curve, each and every player will understand how the game works. After a few hours you’ll have many ways of attacking your enemy or defending your castle. It’s easy to learn but hard to master with all the possibilities.
  • Who said ID@Xbox games can’t have online play? Cannon Brawl’s online multiplayer gives you hectic and ridiculously addictive battles. You will quickly need to adapt your way of playing for each and every battle. You don’t have a sure way of winning, a little is based on luck too but it’s so much fun! (you also have local multiplayer)
  • Cannon Brawl has a deep rank and unlock system, players can quite a few hours before unlocking everything. It’s nice to see that a relative small game has so many options and abilities.
  • The short story is told with cute looking graphics and funny dialogue. You immediately get  a smile on your face while seeing it all unfold on your screen.
  • Not only the cut scenes look good, Cannon Brawl has colorful level design and the performance works perfectly. I never had any frame rate issues, even with many explosions or level destruction.
  • Biggest positive thing about Cannon Brawl is the level design, it must have been hard balancing everything with the many different weapons and abilities. But nothing feels overpowered and even the first attack ability, the cannon can still be used for the end game.
It looks chaotic but you’ll always know what to do!

Mixed Feelings

  • You have 30 campaign levels, 10 of them are puzzle stages. After you finish it you unlock Nightmare mode. Because Cannon Brawl is so much fun I hoped it would be a little longer. The online multiplayer makes sure that you can play the game for much longer though.
My favorite weapon, the laser beam.


  • The one and only thing that isn’t enjoyable is the very repetitive music, I felt that the music didn’t fit the game too. A shame but you can always go to the options and turn it off. With Xbox One’s new background music function you won’t really miss the music.

Score: 90% | Cannon Brawl was a total surprise for me, at first sight it looks like the millionth Worms clone. While it uses some of that typical Worms-gameplay it adds so much more. Cannon Brawl is a very addictive and fun game and totally worth buying, did I mention it’s only €10?