Review | We Are Football

Review | We Are Football

LifeisXbox’s We Are Football review | With UEFA EURO 2020 starting in just a few days, Winning Streak Games and THQ NORDIC thought it to be the right time to come out with a brand new football managing game on the market with their release of We Are Football. The game gives you the chance to manage your own team and bring them to glory. With the release of We Are Football, they are aiming to give the Football Manager series some competition. So let’s see if the game is worth it or if the match is lost before it has even started.

We played We Are Football for 3 hours on PC.

What we liked!

  • Men and woman | The first thing that I noticed and really liked about We Are Football is that you have the option to manage women’s teams. It’s something you don’t see in every sports game so it caught my eye immediately. Another positive thing is that they really look at what teams are playing in the different competitions and actually used these ”teams” to create an actual realistic feel.
  • Music | The sound that is playing in the background is really nice, it doesn’t have anything to do with football perse but it is enjoyable, and something that is not included in every football managing game. Also, the sound effects that you will hear when a match is going on are a nice touch to the game and kind of give you the feeling that you are actually in the stadium where the match is happening.
  • Manager | We Are Football lets you manage everything. Of course, you can do the standard thing and buy and sell players or staff, but they add an extra layer to this as you can plan all the training and extra activities yourself so you know exactly what your team is doing. You can even upgrade your stadium when your number of fans has grown, you just have to make sure that you have enough money in the bank for it.
  • Local co-op | Another really enjoyable feature of this game is that you can play in a local co-op. When doing so you constantly switch between the two clubs that are chosen, and it’s always fun to play with a friend and of course, beat them when your teams are going head to head. You can also misuse this feature to cheat and sell good players for almost no money to one club but hey, I’m sure nobody will do this. Right?
  • Career options | When you start a new save the game gives you two options, the first being that you can just pick any team that you want to manage, which is a good option if you want to manage your favorite team right from the start. When picking the second option you will have to go through a whole job interview where, in the end, you will get 3 offers from different clubs where you can choose to sign a contract with them or just wait until another club stops by. This second opinion adds a little spice to your career, I think, and it’s a nice addition.

Somewhere between

  • Simulation of matches | This gave me a mixed feeling. First of all, the game gives you the option to upgrade your stadium looks and training facility. But when you are simulating a match you will just stare at a really simple simulation and won’t even see the actual match being played. I think the developers missed a big chance here. Of course, what you do get looks good but it could, and maybe, should have been a bit better and more optimized.
  • Repetitive | For people who have never played a sports managing game in their life, the game can get really repetitive since all you are doing is preparing your team for the next match, simulate it, and then do everything again. If you don’t like this concept, save your money and go play another game. However, if you are like me and think ‘hell yes I wanna be the best and I like the challenge’, then, by all means, continue.

What we disliked

  • No licenses | One of the major issues that I have with this game, and before I talk about it, let me point that I know it costs a lot of money and isn’t that easy, but We Are Football has no licenses or whatsoever. This means that the famous clubs are there but they have other names like FC Bayern Munich is Bavaria Munich. Okay, yes the teams are named a bit differently but at least we have the players… or not. With the license not there you won’t see Messi, Haaland, or Neymar in the game. For me, this ruined the whole good mood I had about this game since I like it a bit more realistic, but if you don’t mind, it’s an okay game.
  • Graphics | The graphics that are used in the game are not optimal. You can see everything clearly but at some points, I had the feeling that they rushed everything a bit which makes the game feels sloppy. For a game that has a lot of good points, it’s unfortunate that it looks like this.



A new football managing game released right before UEFA EURO 2020 is kicking off seems like the right and smart thing to do. And the game has a lot of potential and good points, for example, being able to manage everything and choosing between men’s or women’s teams is a great thing. But unfortunately, the lack of licenses and rushed graphics made me feel a bit twisted in the end. I’m a veteran when it comes to football managing games and usually really enjoy them, but I think this game is going to gather some dust in my Steam library and won’t be touched for a long time. is the largest Belgian Xbox centered website, your reading time is greatly appreciated! Please consider sharing this review with your friends on social media, that means a lot for us! If you are Dutch speaking also consider joining our Dutch exclusive Facebook group Xbox Gamers Belgium. Feel free to use quotes for PR purposes.