Preview | Triversal

Preview | Triversal

LifeisXbox’s Triversal preview | Who is ready for a game that has me excited too? Well, relax? I sure am glad to tell you all about it! This game is called Triversal, and it’s currently in development by the people over at Phantom Compass. But why did it get me excited? Is it just a line-em-up puzzle game? It is soo much more than that. It’s this sweet mix of casual relaxation with some thinking. So sit tight cause I will get right to that!

What about the game

In and by itself, Triversal is quite a straightforward game. You have multiple objectives. So let’s go over these, shall we? The first thing you can do, and kinda have to: Connect cables to line up your ball with the black hole. It seems simple enough but can be challenging quite a few times. And the puzzle thinking gets more complexing the further you get. All normal so far. But the second objective is to collect coins by letting your ball bounce around. Still simple right? Well, there is a big catch!

The catch is that you need to carefully find a balance between collecting coins and solving the puzzle. Since you get bonus points for completing it in a few steps. All of these parameters are taken into consideration for your final score on that puzzle set. So if you didn’t do your best, you could still try hard to 3 stars that level.

It happens so rarely that a developer actually implements these 3 fundamentals this well in a game. There is an incentive to try to collect everything, and the game doesn’t feel stale because of it. There is also every single thing in place for you to replay levels and improve. So congrats on this!

My personal enjoyment

As I might have given away already, this game ticks all my boxes when it comes down to a casual puzzle. I tend to have problems solving complex puzzles if they are drawn out too long. But Triversal actually takes all of the puzzling and compiles it in small bite puzzle chunks.

This goes beautifully paired with great atmospheric music that will get you in some sort of alternate dimension. Well, let’s call it a thinking sphere. Where you somehow actually forget the trouble around you. Seeking out dopamine shots by completing puzzle after puzzle. Yes, this might sound very personal, but that is how I felt about this game. Utter enjoyment from completing puzzles. Short but powerful.

So, should we keep an eye on Triversal?

I do see a bright future for people that want to play Triversal. When you all get the chance to play this little relaxing gem, you won’t regret it for even a second! And I am sure it will be a game that will end up in libraries of quite a few working gamers who just need a break from all the hardcore and competitive games and just want to zone out.