Review | Rogue Lords

Review | Rogue Lords

LifeisXbox’s Rogue Lords review | Weakened from defeat you returned back to hell, but now decades later you will return with your most trustworthy disciples. The devil is back. In Leikir Studio and Cyanide Studio their new game Rogue Lords, you will play as the devil who is seeking revenge on the demon hunters who weakened him and forced him to retreat back to hell. Along with the help of trustworthy disciples such as Bloody Mary, White Lady, Dracula, and a couple more, you will embark on a journey filled with turn-based combat, manipulation, and souls, lots of them.

ℹ️ | We played Rogue Lords for 7 hours on PC. This game is in early 2022 also available on Nintendo Switch – Xbox – PlayStation.

What we liked!

  • Charachters & Skills | I have already named a few disciples in the intro, but in Rogue Lords there are 8 playable charachters: Dracula, Bloody Mary, the White Lady, the Headless Horseman, Lillith, Hectate, Baron Samedi and Frankenstein + creature. During a playthrough you will have to select 3 of these to be part of your team. Every disciple has its own unique attacks and special abilities so you want to make sure you have a balanced team so you get as far as possible. While playing the game you will have to upgrade abilities, buy new ones or sacrifice some in order to get better ones. Important thing here is that when you finish your run or are defeated, everything is reverted back to you basic abilities.
  • You decide | One of the things that I enjoyed the most while playing Rogue Lords is the fact to you decide your own route. There is a map with paths you can follow to certain objectives and after you have cleared the objective there are up to 3 ways you can go. You can use this to you advantage by searching which objectives you want to encounter and choose the paths that lead there. But that is just one of the things you can decide. During the game you can also ‘cheat’ by using diabolic essence. This is literally the power of the devil. When you are in combat you can use it to enhance HP bars, you can recharge abilities with it, teleport over the map and a lot more. But you have to be careful, because when your diabolic essence is used up, it is game over.
  • The devil is back | Rogue Lords has a nice and fun story. A long time ago demon hunters weakened the devil which made him retreat back to hell to regain his strength. And now after decades he is back with his trustworthy diciples to seek revenge on the demon hunters. The story is played out through so called books and chapters. In each book you will have to find a certain artefect which gives a nice bonus when you go on the hunt for the next one. During the game you can choose your own path, by choosing specific events you want to play. You can choose to engage in combat, go to a fountain to get better skills and unlock extra skill slots, have a nice chat with the reaper and buy skills or artefacts from him or you can just have a story event where you have to make decisions which need to be succesfull to get a lovely bonus.
  • Graphics & Sound | So the game has a good story and the gameplay is very exciting, but how does it look? Well, Rogue Lords looks great. Every single one of the disciples is designed in a unique yet detailed way that they are easily recognizable. But that’s not everything! The map that you play on and the surroundings are all designed in the same sinister way as the rest. Luckily the fun doesn’t stop there for us. Rogue Lords is partially voice acted, the story gets told by a nice dark voice and your charachter sometimes say a quote. The sound section of Rogue Lords is further completed by a sinister soundtrack to create a spooky environment and the necessary sound-effects.

Somewhere between

  • Trial & Error | I didn’t really know where I had to place this point. It could be in the What we liked! section of this review since you have to learn from your mistakes when you are defeated and have to do the level again. Or it could be in the What we disliked section because you will have to do the same thing over and over again and it can become a little bit tedious. Despite all this, I think the replayability factor of Rogue Lords is quiet good since you can go in a different direction to go on when you play next which makes the gameplay completly differt from your other play throughs.

What we disliked

  • Nothing | Sorry, I’m pretty sure that the devil enhanced my brain so I wouldn’t encounter anything that I disliked about Rogue Lords. Due to this I won’t have anything to say here.

How long to beat the story | around 25 hours
How long to achieve 100% achievements | 30-40 hours
Similar with | Hades


Rogue Lords is a lovely dark fantasy roguelike game where you control a squad of loyal disciples to get revenge on wretched demon hunters. The gameplay is good, everything sounds and looks nice, and it offers some fun gameplay. If you are looking for an exciting new game to play make sure to check out this title! is the largest Belgian Xbox centered website, your reading time is greatly appreciated! Please consider sharing this review with your friends on social media, that means a lot for us! If you are Dutch-speaking also consider joining our Dutch exclusive Facebook group Xbox Gamers Belgium. Feel free to use quotes for PR purposes.