Preview | Moo Lander

Preview | Moo Lander

LifeisXbox’s Moo Lander preview | Today we’re talking about The Sixth Hammer’s upcoming 2D adventure platformer. There is currently a demo available on Steam for Moo Lander, a game where you take control over your civilization’s last remaining spaceship to scour varied environments in search for the source of infinite amounts of milk. Moo Lander has cows, secrets, puzzles, enemies, and a cool spaceship. What more can you ask for, am I right?! I tried out the 30-ish minute-long demo, so let me share my thoughts with you.

What is Moo Lander all about?

As mentioned in the intro, Moo Lander is a 2D adventure platformer where you use the last spaceship of your civilization to search for milk. After The War, milk (the purest energy source) was lost but it’s your mission to find an ancient device that’s said to be capable of producing infinite amounts of milk.

You’ll be solving puzzles, fighting enemies, and discovering secrets as well as tame mighty cows. So it’s basically a game that’s all about cows and I love it! All enemies require different approaches so the gameplay always stays new and fresh.

The demo

What first caught my attention was the art style, which is absolutely gorgeous. It’s so lively and fantasy-like, wow! It has a sci-fi vibe to it and it’s very bright, making you want to embark on your adventure even more. The hand-crafted landscapes feel very picturesque yet dangerous. The controls and gameplay are fairly easy to learn, but defeating enemies comes with its challenges. Luckily, the game shows a little bit of text saying ‘checkpoint reached’ every now and then, and healing your spaceship can happen regularly. There are plenty of milk spots (you need milk to attack and defend) and the puzzles are easy to figure out.

Along the way, you unlock, buy, and upgrade new skills, like a milk shield, a milk sword, and milk bullets to start with. Once I had my milk sword, I already felt invincible, it felt so damn great! The skill panel looks basic but it’s clear so that’s what counts. There’s a clear distinction between defensive, lethal, and non-lethal skills. Then there are also new abilities to discover and a research panel in which you can change your ship’s appearance, but these changes also have to be unlocked along the way. I hope to see really cool alternations to the ship, and of course, a lot of cool milky weapons in the final build.

Overall, Moo Lander looks and plays really well. The demo ends after you beat and beam your first mighty cow and another herd of angry cows starts attacking you. I wish the demo lasted longer, as this is a really fun game to play, that’s for sure. I’m very curious if the rest of the game is also going to be as exciting as this first half hour.

Future features

Moo Landers’s future looks promising, that’s for sure! A 6+ hour single-player campaign filled with plot twists will be available, alongside couch co-op and multiplayer modes. We should get four playable modes: fighting with friends against our powerful Cow AI, having brutal PvP combats, jumping into fast-paced cow chases, and teaming against our intelligent enemies. Steam remote play should also be a feature in the full game, by the way. The future is bright for Moo Lander, I’m sure of it! If you haven’t yet, I suggest you try out the demo this weekend!