REVIEW | Planet Quiz: Learn & Discover

REVIEW | Planet Quiz: Learn & Discover

LifeisXbox’s Planet Quiz: Learn & Discover review | I love sitting down with friends and playing quiz games on Xbox. Years ago you had Scene It and nowadays my to go to quiz games on Xbox are It’s Quiz Time and Papa’s Quiz. Now a new trivia game is introduced from, Planet Quiz! While the heart is a trivia game it has a lot of educational values too. Something I really appreciated was the learning aspect and the amount of additional information about all the question subjects. All of that was combined in a hub with lots of reading material. Heart-warming to see that developer are trying to increase the knowledge of gamers. But is it the right platform to do that? I honestly don’t know, but I do hope that younger gamers and adults take the time to read a few of the stuff so not all of that is in vain. 

Most Memorable Moment

Planet Quiz most memorable moments actually come from the single-player content that I played together with my girlfriend. Using our combined knowledge and experiences really helped with solving most questions. Planet Quiz might fail as a party quiz but solving questions together with one or more people is a feat too! I might even say that I prefer this kind of working together, compared to being competitive.

ℹ️ Reviewed on Xbox Series X | Review code provided by PR/publisher, this review is the personal opinion from the writer.

What we Liked!

  • Lovely art style | I was expecting to see lots of images from Pixabay with the trivia questions but to my surprise that wasn’t the case. Animals or people are nicely drawn, giving Planet Quiz a recognisable visual style. Same with the UI and letter fonts, everything is easy to the eye. Quiz games aren’t easy to make attractive on a screen but hit the spot!
  • Knowledge hub | Besides the three trivia modes the game has an informative hub with lots and lots of information about Earth and its inhabitants. As I said in the intro it might be a bit weird for a console game but I really appreciated the effort in providing all of the science and information. Reading it in a book or using Wikipedia might be more convenient though…

Mixed Feelings

  • Working together to solve questions | Maybe the upset wasn’t making a fun party quiz game but working together with the people in the household to perform as best as possible in campaign mode. The same problem arrives regardless of what mode you choose in Planet Quiz, the questions require you to be a Planet know all wizard. Even on the easy difficulty, things are difficult, resulting in that younger people are completely cut from having any fun. And personally speaking, I don’t know how your knowledge about mountains and lakes are but constantly seeing these type of questions becomes a bit boring. Anyway, Planet Quiz can be a bit of fun if you play it together with another person but I really missed more fun types of questions or gameplay mechanics.
  • Enough content | There are eight areas with three difficulty modes on the campaign and each of them takes around an hour to complete. Tournament mode, where you battle against other placers mixes the questions up depending on difficulty. As a result, you have around seven to eight hours of questions. The real trivia question is ‘how many people will finish all of that?!’

What we Disliked

  • Completely fails as a party quiz game | We tried but after a couple of questions, we played other much more fun quiz games on Xbox. Christmas and the new year is always one of the perfect times to play this kind of game but Planet Quiz fails pretty hard to be any kind of fun. How the hell should anyone know how long the Tongtian or Orinoco river is? The type of questions and the quiz template become dull, really fast. There’s just not a lot to keep things fresh or playful. Only drag-and-drop parts or multiple choice questions are available, when you look at other quiz games a lot more options could have been used to make it more entertaining.

How long to beat the story | 8 hours
How long to achieve 1000G | 8 hours


The idea behind making a quiz with only questions about Earth and its inhabitants is something that could be fun in theory. Planet Quiz: Learn & Discover simply ain’t that… the lifeless questions asking about rivers, mountains and countries are so dull that this party game should be called a party-killer. I did have some fun working together with my girlfriend to complete the campaign mode, but I doubt we’ll ever start it up again to finish the remaining areas.