Review | Papa’s Quiz

Review | Papa’s Quiz

LifeisXbox’s Papa’s Quiz review | My girlfriend isn’t really a gamer (she has other qualities) but she’s always up to play some trivia games or something basic like Minecraft Dungeons. So I was excited to begin Papa’s Quiz, a wacky and somewhat weird English trivia game that you can play with up to eight people. Developer Old Apes created something quirky but fun to play with friends. Or even alone too, as you can simply play this by yourself too! With Covid making it difficult to have friends over that’s a big plus too.

We played Papa’s Quiz for two hours on Xbox Series X. This game is also available on pc and Playstation.

What we liked!

  • Very easy to set-up! | Papa’s Quiz can be played with a controller or a mobile device. You have a QR option for iPhones or you can visit the website and type in a room number. Fast and no hassle, it worked perfectly. This was something of a worry for me as connecting your device with Just Sing doesn’t always work without a fight, not the case with Papa’s quiz, it was a smooth experience to get the game started.
  • Perfect party-concept | This is a bit more than simply a trivia game, the core is answering questions correctly but it has a few more surprises in store to make it a one-of-a-kind party game. It begins with creating your avatar and what is really good for a few laughs your own name from some prefix words. My girlfriend has a new nickname since we played Papa’s quiz, Strange Muesli. It doesn’t make sense but who cares, we laughed. Secondly, the way of choosing your question categories. This is done by button-mashing an arrow to four available categories. Ranging from cats, landmarks, math and much more. This is a bit more frantic depending on how many players are playing but I think this mechanic is brilliant and neatly executed.
  • Diverse modes and enough categories, even junior-themed questions! | Ask me something about movies, games or ancient history and the chance is high that I know the answer. Having a diverse selection of different categories is important for a trivia game and that’s the case with Papa’s Quiz. You even have some junior questions for young-aged players! Each game has five different rounds and the image rounds were my favorite. Here a picture becomes visible piece by piece and you have to press a button to say what you see. there is some more original stuff like a point-stealing round but what’s really exciting is the final round. Here your score is transformed into time and you’ll have to survive other players and be the last one standing. Overall this setup is balanced and the game continues to be exciting as even the lowest scored player can still win in the end.

Somewhere between

  • Game flow is a bit slow and short | After each round you have an option to make your avatar dance, I’m not entirely sure why this was added to Papa’s quiz as I literally found it a waste of time. The constant explaining of what you need to do during the category selection is overkill too. It is constantly explained that you need to tap, this mechanic is clear from the very first time so why the game hosts continue to explain it is beyond me. I found the rounds a bit short too if you ask me I liked to see this doubled. I had fun with this trivia game but there’s something wrong with the pace. There is too much filler-content with the needless game hosts talk and the dances.

What we disliked

  • Repetitive and frustrating voice-acting | We had fun playing but often had to cringe a bit with the voice-acting. Obviously on purpose but I disliked it immediately, the same lines are on repeat 24/7 and it had a few weird jokes about nudity or being shy, well out of place might be a better way of saying it.



Papa’s quiz is an enjoyable party game. Up to eight players can battle it out and I guarantee fun and laughs! The game has a few quirky elements but I do recommend picking this one up to play with friends! is the largest Belgian Xbox centered website, your reading time is greatly appreciated! Please consider sharing this review with your friends on social media, that means a lot for us! If you are Dutch speaking also consider joining our Dutch exclusive Facebook group Xbox Gamers Belgium. Feel free to use quotes for PR purposes.