Preview | Moolii’s Dreamland

Preview | Moolii’s Dreamland

LifeisXbox’s Moolii’s Dreamland preview | Moolii’s Dreamland is a Shoot ‘Em Up developed by WOWOH CAT and published by OKJOY. In Moolii’s Dreamland, Moolii (the girl you’ll be playing as) is watching horror movies. Her mother absolutely doesn’t like this and wants her daughter to go to bed, immediately. As you may have predicted, Moolii’s is having nightmares, and it’s Moolii goal to fight through the nightmares she’s experiencing.

ℹ️ Previewed on PC | Preview code provided by PR/publisher, this preview is the personal opinion from the writer and is based on an unfinished game.

How the game works

Immediately when I started playing the game, the gameplay reminded me of the NES game Gradius. You play as a little fox girl called Moolii. Moolii’s having nightmares, and it’s up to her to get through those nightmares. In order to fight through these nightmares, you’ll have to defeat enemies along the way. The two primary attacks you have are ranged and melee attacks.

With ranged attacks you can shoot enemies from long distances, as you collect star-like objects, the level of your ranged attacks increases, making them faster and more powerful. There are also other objects that when you pick them up, your ranged attacks change into something else. Instead of shooting one bullet at a time, you may have the ability to shoot 3 in 3 different directions, or throw boomerang-like bullets, and more, …

With the melee attack, you can attack enemies from a close distance, but that’s not recommended as enemies will be able to hit you. Instead, the melee attack has another use… First, enemies shoot 2 kinds of bullets; purple and green bullets. Both do damage, obviously, but you can hit the green ones with your melee move. Doing this will increase a meter and stop the green bullet from hitting you. Purple ones can’t be destroyed, you’ll have to dodge those. Now, this meter I mentioned something about allows you to use 3 very powerful skills, however, there are no names for these skills at the time of writing.

There’s also a progression system in the game that allows you to upgrade your attacks, skills, and health. When you kill an enemy in a level, there’s a chance of it dropping a ferret coin. If you fail a level, you won’t keep these coins, but you will keep them if you manage to complete the level. These upgrades are really a must-have because the game already becomes a lot more difficult after a few levels!

The graphics don’t stand out that much, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s bad – I actually liked the art style and it was fitting fairly well with the theme of the game! It’s simple but very clean!

A few minor problems…

One problem that I had very early on was the fact that most of the game is explained through images. The tutorial for example had no text, so it was a little difficult to understand what they meant. As mentioned before, things like skills have no name, simply because it wasn’t written down. There is text in the game, but there isn’t enough of it to make things more clear.

Buying upgrades is also a little too easy, as you can just play the first level over and over again to grind these ferret coins, allowing you to max out everything at the beginning already. Coins should be rarer in early levels or there should be a time limit of some kind to prevent this from happening.


Moolii’s Dreamland is a fun, little Shoot ‘Em Up that plays familiar and is fun to go through! Besides the lack of text and the easy progression, this game already feels fairly complete and runs very well! Levels are pretty lengthy at times and have fun, challenging bosses at the end of them. Moolii’s Dreamland is currently in Early Access on Steam. is the largest Belgian Xbox-centered website, your reading time is greatly appreciated! Please consider sharing this preview with your friends on social media, that means a lot for us! If you are Dutch-speaking also consider joining our Dutch exclusive Facebook group Xbox Gamers Belgium. Feel free to use quotes for PR purposes.

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